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​​When you're listening to audio produced for binaural beats, your hearing is processed at a different frequency than what your brainwaves would normally respond to. There is more than one reason for this.

Binaural beats are reproduced at very low frequencies–much lower than many of the music audio waves you normally listen to. But it's these frequencies that guide your brainwaves to a state of calmness and instant freedom from daily stress. By the way, it is necessary to listen to binaural beats audio with a quality pair of stereo headphones, that are able to reproduce these lower binaural beat frequencies.

When managing stress with binaural beats, you're inner ears are tuning into two slightly different frequencies played back at the same time. Though this might sound a bit strange to you at first, this is essentially why binaural beats synchronize the brain to the desired brainwave state being targeted.

This works because one frequency is input into your left ear, and another slightly different but relative frequency is input into your right ear. It’s kind of like when you listen to a guitar player tune his guitar strings, and the wobble between the two varying frequencies finally reconcile to be in tune, the closer the 2 strings come into harmonic resonance together. What makes this so effective is that while your ears are processing the 2 simultaneous pure sine wave tones, your brain “tunes into” the center point frequency which is virtually inaudible. The result of this phenomenon is what is referred to as the “binaural beat”!

You may not even be aware of it, but your brain responds accordingly. Here's how it works: You produce this inaudible sound by listening to Hz frequencies that are close together in their Hz (hertz = cycles per second) frequency.

For example, you can input a 400 Hz pure sine wave tone into one ear, and then input a 410 Hz into your other ear. This may seem like a small difference, but your brain reconciles the difference between the two tones and synchronizes at the 10 Hz difference between the two frequencies. The 10 Hz binaural beat created in this example would entrain the brain into an Alpha brain wave state. Remember when I discussed the rest and relaxation, also known as the “twilight” state in the previous article for Alpha waves? Well, there you go!

This is what makes binaural beats so precisely targeted and effective for exacting personal growth applications like instant stress relief. Your brain waves are picking up a frequency that's designed to calm the brain and introduce calmness and relief from stress. And with all the research that has been conducted for the past 75+ years on this topic, there are many other amazing uses to be harnessed using binaural beats and brainwave entrainment.

Plus, even better news is that this kind of stress management and personal growth work can be done anywhere that you need to like finding peace, inner balance, increasing your personal threshold to stress–at home, at the park, or even while you work.

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