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​​Whether you're at work or at home, you only have a certain amount of waking hours to get things done. When you can't focus or feeling stressed, your to-do lists can seem like insurmountable tasks that just keep piling up.

Using advanced binaural beat audios, like what's available in the ParallaxMind Audio Store, can help stimulate your brain and offer more motivation. This increased focus and concentration, to name a few benefits will help you accomplish more than you can even imagine right now, due to your brain becoming fatigued, overwhelmed, and deprived of the mental energy to continually function at higher levels of productivity.

Listen to what neuro-researcher Michael Hutchison summarizes in his groundbreaking book, Mega Brain Power,  about this revolution in neuroscience as follows...

"New breakthroughs in neuroscience and microelectronics have permitted scientists to 'map' the electrical and chemical activity of the brain in action. Scientists have used the new technology to monitor the brains of those meditators, artists, and other rare individuals who are able to enter peak domains at will and to map their brain activity during those peak states."

[Sidenote: imagine being able to model and instantly access the brain wave states of innovators like Einstein, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, etc. at will... when they were "in the zone!"]

Back to Hutchison...

"Their first findings were that those peak states are not mysterious and unpredictable phenomena, but are very clearly linked to very specific patterns of brain activity. These include dramatic changes in brain wave activity, hemispheric symmetry, and rapid alterations in the levels of various neuro-chemicals. If we could learn to produce these patterns of brain activity, they reasoned, we should be able to produce the peak states they are associated with.

They found that by using types of mechanical stimulation, such as... precise combinations of pulsating sound waves... they could actually produce those same 'peak state' brain patterns in ordinary people."

Until now ordinary people struggled to achieve the same desired states of those who were "born with the royal jelly“ of these enhanced abilities...

...but not anymore!

Everyone hits the wall at some point during their day where they find themselves in a rut. The way the core and supplemental ParallaxMind audios work is, whenever the practitioner needs more focus, concentration, melting away the daily stress that builds up, or needs a quick boost to re-energize their brain, he or she can use these binaural beats to get their motivation and razor sharp focus back. One can even use them when they’re working, studying, for ultra-deep meditation, or taking a quick power nap.

Not only can binaural beats help you become more productive by giving you back your motivation, but it can also help you find answers to complex problems you're searching for. Most of us at some point during the day can't figure out how to solve a challenging problem or how to remedy a situation.

It's as if we almost see an answer to a problem, but we don't quite see it yet. Sort of like staring at a puzzle and the missing piece is right there in front of our face, but we can't quite seem to gain clarity no matter how hard we try to force the solution.

By tapping into the Alpha and Theta ​binaural beat frequencies that's attuned to the brain waves that help with boosting creativity, we can resolve anything that challenges us on a problem solving, or creative level honing in on the answer with increased intuition.

During the times, when you must absolutely be focused on something, and you know it's going to take quite a while to get that task done, you have to be able to maintain that level of focus so you can get things done.

You can do this by using binaural beats with little effort, by consciously choosing to tap into the dominant frequency inside of your own brain. When you consciously tap into this frequency with the power of intention, it gives you the ultra aware ability to keep on track, and stay on top of the task at hand until you've completed the task accomplishing the desired outcome.

Using binaural beats can absolutely help you manage stress in your life. And, it can also transform your life by creating greater flow, inner peace, and introduce you to a whole new world of personal growth and well being. It accomplishes this transformation from the inside out–at the root levels of your own brain and mind. No longer do you have to remain captive to a barrage of daily stress and unexpected overwhelm that can get the best of you. Now you can take back control of your own life.

Where to get started? You simply need access to the right tools available to you, so you can harness your own personal power–the power of your own mind to render any amount of stress coming at you from the world powerless against your heart, mind, body, ​​YOUR SOUL.

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