Stages of Grief and Loss ParallaxMind SHH – 174 Hz Let Go Of Loss

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The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 174Hz Let Go Of Loss soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 174 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate one's Root Chakra which is associated with opening and freeing up crystallized emotional patterns in the mind and body for assisting one through the five stages of grief and loss.


ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 174 Hz Let Go Of Loss – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio Harmonic Healing meditation soundtrack (totaling 12:11), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

Press play to listen to a quality 3:11 sample from ‘Solfeggio 174 Hz Let Go Of Loss’.
*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation audio technology.

ParallaxMind™ is an advanced form of brain-entrainment audio technology, that stimulates the brain and nervous system, allowing the user to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and attain a broad range of beneficial mindful states like ultra-deep meditation, melting away daily stress, elevating whole-brain functioning, increasing body awareness, boosting energy and many more.

The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 174Hz Let Go Of Loss soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 174 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate one’s Root Chakra which is associated with opening and freeing up crystallized emotional patterns in the mind and body for assisting one through the five stages of grief and loss. Stereo headphones are required to benefit from the use of this ParallaxMind soundtrack. (Please note: the Solfeggio 174Hz Let Go Of Loss track does not contain any Autonomix affirmations).

Many of us are carrying around with us, experiences from the past that we haven’t yet been able to let go. Often times, when we tend to take longer than usual to heal, or let a dramatic life experience go, like the loss of a loved one or an ex-lover, it’s because we haven’t yet allowed our self to grieve the loss fully, may be in denial of our part, or perhaps haven’t the quality time to do so. It’s possible to get stuck in limbo in a season of grief in our lives, and not fully understand the process of grief or the fact how important it is for one to allow their self enough quality time to grieve at all.

When grief is allowed to take root on a subconscious level and becomes passive, suppressed and operates at a subtle energy level, it can debilitate our mental, emotional, and physical functionality to the point where we lose sight of why it’s happening, or that it’s even become a part of our psyche, and held in the body as toxic energy in the first place.

The ParallaxMind 174Hz Let Go Of Loss module was designed for one to safely and gently call a current or former loss into remembrance, reflect on it, feel it, grieve it fully, accept it, and then facilitate the process of letting the loss go. This module follows the 417Hz Activate Change module, to assist in becoming aware of and dealing with any residue to reconciling loss, left over from not healing fully, and maybe holding one back from facilitating change for the season that follows loss… harvest and gain!

When practicing with this track, I recommend reflecting on life experiences of loss, in which you are still or haven’t yet had the opportunity to grieve fully, making peace with the past and yourself, and then letting the memory of that life event go.

This module can also be used for healing heart stress, emotional pain, the grieving process, letting go of loss, forgiving others, self-acceptance, and becoming aware of repressed feelings in a gentle music and sound therapy evocation.

I’ve included here, another simple NLP exercise befittingly called “Timeline Therapy” that will also allow you to create a timeline around a present or leading up to a past event, so you can both feel your way through the meditation, and at the same time offer you the ability to consider the event from a new perspective during objective meditation (hence that Parallax thing again), which will help move you towards fully feeling, reflecting, accepting, and letting go of the memory of loss or pain.

Practice the Timeline Exercise as you listen to Let Go Of Loss and your mind will naturally morph, shift, and align with the release points of the music therapy. This will further allow you to integrate feelings of acceptance as you entrain your brain/mind relationship to exercise greater plasticity in the brain for both feeling the grief or loss fully, and at the same time release it in real-time as you practice with the Timeline Exercise.

Here’s How To Practice With The NLP Timeline Exercise

  1. Choose an event or time in the past, perhaps from your earliest memory of a life event or past experience with a loved one, and course your life out moving forward in your mind, allowing for as much of your memories to surface from the beginning to the end of the timeframe you’re revisiting. For example, choose a moment in time just before you met a former lover–a relationship you’ve lost. Then, course the events of your former relationship forming pictures in your mind of how you perceived events to evolve during the relationship, through the end of the relationship, and continue along the timeline until the present to create an objective perspective of how you’ve arrived where you are in life now.
  2. Move through the pictures of your mind, your memories, and simply watch “that season” of life unfold bringing you to the breaking point or life event you want to look at, make peace with, reconcile, feel, grieve, etc. and let go.
  3. As you traverse the experiences of your life, thank your unconscious mind for allowing you to revisit your past and make peace with it. This step is very important. You can also choose to thank God and the gift of life for these life events from your past as well as they are truly a gift. You can practice gratitude in this step, as your life experiences are what make you who you are.
  4. If necessary, forgive anyone who may have ever hurt you at key points as you play out the timeline in your mind, maybe you hurt yourself and made a huge mistake you haven’t been able to forgive. Whatever the event, forgive it, that person and let it/them go in that moment, being “present in” that moment in time.
  5. Continue to move forward through your life as far as you want, and repeat the previous steps making peace, forgiving, feeling more fully, celebrating your life, expressing passion filled gratitude for that life experience as you progress through your past life events and memories.
  6. (Optional), once you’ve made peace with the actual life event, you can be creative with your unconscious mind and choose the outcome of the life event (at that moment) to be an outcome you would have preferred happened, but without denying the reality of the event and how you perceived it at the time. DO this optional step AFTER you’ve accepted and made peace with the past, in the same moment. Be true to your feelings and memories, to honor yourself, others, and your life experience. This optional step is intended to modify a behavior at the source of the life altering event you’re revisiting, and how it effected the outcomes that brought you to where you are now. Perhaps you didn’t handle rejection very well in the past that effected a broken relationship, and you want to go back and change the outcome of how you behaved/reacted in your mind. Of course we can’t change the past, but the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. Remember from the Autonomix Quiet Affirmations Kit, the unconscious mind is a trans-literal mind and carries out the exact instructions you give it. This step can prove very powerful when evoking the literal, emotional aspects of the unconscious mind and the creative characteristics of the right brain.
  7. Repeat this Timeline Exercise as often as you’d like during meditation, choosing either a shorter time period for the exercise, or recalling your entire life if you prefer from your earliest memory to now, and you will notice major sights in your self-awareness, your energy levels, emotional release, and freeing your mind up for more life experiences and joy! You can also practice this simple Timeline Therapy exercise when not meditating.

The 174Hz Solfeggio frequency, is associated with foundational energy and removing and reconciling pain in the mind and body. Most people don’t realize this, but we possess more than one kind of body in our “body”, although they’re all inter-connected and function as one (so we hope).

When our energy body is hurting and unhealthy, especially when we are bogged down with past pain–we’re literally holding that crystallized, dysfunctional emotion in our energy body, all kinds of physical and emotional toxins can manifest in the physical body causing disease and other less than desired limitations and states of existence.

Consider the word “e-motion”. I think of the “e” as representing energy, and the “motion” as movement of that energy in and around our mind and body. If the energy we want to heal and release is held captive in the energy body, because we are afraid to deal with it, face it, and heal, then it will surely manifest in the physical body in some way shape or form. Letting go of pain and stress held captive in the mind and body is absolutely essential for living life to the fullest or fuller. There’s absolutely no reason why any of us need to remain stuck in life or in the past. This module will help move a lot of energy through your mind and body, by aligning with the harmonic healing attributes of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies and music therapy as part of the entire ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio Harmonic Healing Series.

The ParallaxMind audio stimulus embedded in the track rides on the 174Hz carrier waveform, and guides you gently into the lower Theta and Delta brainwaves states for providing advanced healing and regeneration properties, and for allowing one to “dig deep” as more of the sub/unconscious material ingrained with the memory of loss or past event is better able to surface as we nudge the memory, and invoke the deeper brainwave states for deep meditation, hemispheric synchronization, and heart energy reconciliation.

The 174Hz Solfeggio frequency is very closely tuned to the musical note F3 on a piano, which is also the musical note of the main Crystal Bowl frequency used to heal, attune, and realign the Heart Chakra, and offers additional music and sound therapy healing properties as well. You may find this module to be a very easy method and therapy for releasing loss and pain from your past–or future losses, and does it all in the present moment during meditation. Did I mention that ParallaxMind audio literally aligns your brain, nervous systems, and thoughts in the present moment as a result of the two sides of the brain synchronizing for prolonged periods of time? It’s true, and one of the fastest ways to become present in the now. If you ever find that your mind is straying during meditation when utilizing ParallaxMind audio, chances are your mind is attempting to avoid something that is being brought to your conscious attention. Which, I might add is a very good thing–that is the part of you that is being brought into your conscious awareness.

In addition to the ParallaxMind, 174Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency stimulating the Root Chakra, the music therapy portion of the soundtrack also engages the Sacral, Heart, and the Crown Chakras. Essentially we’re moving sonic energy to activate, realign, and create greater flow within the Chakra system which moves a great deal of causal energy from the foundational Root and Sacral regions (reproductive/lower spine area), through the Solar Plexus/Heart, up and down the spine to the Crown of the head. Many of the higher overtones produced by the Crystal Bowls are actually coming from the lowest and largest 22″ Crystal Bowl (remember that amplitude and personal power thing we talked about in Member Support Letter 8), which activates the Crown Chakra at the Crown of the head. All together this track will also stimulate the awakening and movement of more kundalini energy up and down the spine.

When combined with the deep Theta healing and Delta regeneration aspects of the ParallaxMind entrainment, you may experience a great deal of emotional energy moving through your heart, nervous system, and mind. Give yourself time to feel and embrace this energy over a few listening sessions. I recommend allowing yourself a few sessions with the Let Go Of Loss module to allow for any emotional release and letting go of energies held in the body and your deeper memory stores. Especially residual energy connected to past memories, trauma, and early life sensitization. Please refer to the Dr. Gendlin’s Focusing Technique from Member Support Letter 2 once again to assist you in feeling and accepting any emotional residue held in the body. The combination of applying these techniques will also allow you to bring a lot more awareness to the entire process, and reveal to you how as human beings we hold a lot of energy in the body we aren’t consciously aware of. This simple understanding is very powerful to healing and moving through any ultra-sensitive events in life.

On a personal note, I lived through this track while recording it, and so the emotional movements are intended to visit grief, become present in self-acceptance, and enter into blissful releases of joy.

Once again, this track can be used for a broad range of allowing one’s self to grieve fully, to reflect on and make peace with loss from the past, and to usher in the final stages of reconciling deep heart based energies so one can move forward with greater clarity, healing, and a fresh redemptive outlook on life.

Allow yourself to feel deeply during this module, practicing with the aforementioned suggestions like the Focusing Technique of reflecting on loss, grief, and perhaps practicing with the NLP Timeline Exercise. Of course, you can always use this module for thoughtless states of mind as well, if you simply want to meditate deeply and in synch with the 174Hz Solfeggio frequency, and the natural redemptive properties the lower Theta and Delta states can offer.

Some helpful tips I can leave with you concerning loss, grieving, and healing…

First, count your losses. Next, count your blessings. Last, let go of all the loss you’ve ever experienced so that you can make room for new growth, new life experiences, and eternal blessings that are to come and find you. Clear out the ole’ stuff so you can plant a new garden come spring time. Loss is a by-product of life. Loss is inevitable as all things in this world pass away. Jesus of Nazareth said that heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will not pass away. He is speaking about His words of truth which will never pass away. Understand that all life experiences are fleeting, transitory, and impermanent and it isn’t our job to hold onto the past especially when we allow toxic memories to remain captive in our mind and body. We are assigned to continually renew our mind, by what we pour into our spirit, which in turn will renew our body. There is more in store for you than the periodic losses, temporary possessions, and fleeting relationships that we encounter along the way to spiritual LIFE. Loss is meant for our gain and increase of life–to make room for the NEW. So that we can make room for God’s best, and the infinite number of promises and blessings destined to find us.

If you can practice to attain a state of mind where you are able to reconcile the past and rejoice in the losses you’ve incurred in life, know that you no longer have to keep a tally of what you’ve lost and can be completely free of any past event holding you back. Nor, do you need to hold onto any of it in your heart, mind, and body. Your losses in life are not a permanent part of your soul and spirit, but rather an integral but temporary part of your perceived “sense” of identity and ego. The memories that we unconsciously strive so hard to hold onto, are really just sensational feelings. Your ego may want to hold onto the past hurts and trivialities we perceive as permanent in life, but this simply is not true. And there’s no reason why we have to hold any of the toxic energies from the past in our mind and body memory any longer. You can let all loss go, right here, right now, and be healed. I hope the Let Go Of Loss track will help “move you through” and do just that.

Lastly, believe with all your heart that not only are your losses and sacrifices going to come back to you, but you have to enable yourself to receive it. Do so by believing, perhaps while meditation, that your losses are going to come back to you AS BLESSINGS multiplied by ten–a–hundred times, declare it out loud, and be open to receive your blessings because they’re coming, and you deserve it!

Additional Exercises For Letting Go Of Loss:

  1. Journal your losses on notebook paper, make a small fire, and burn away the losses that you journaled while saying goodbye, saying what you couldn’t to that someone, forgiving yourself, or others.
  2. Summarize your losses on 3×5 note cards and tie them to the end of a helium balloon(s), and then release your losses to the sky… let go and let God!
  3. A great way to create community with your close friends, to further your bonds of friendship, your support network, and intimacy is by getting together and performing either number 1 or 2 above.
  4. Don’t be shy or afraid to lament your losses to God. Allow your inner child to cry and wail when you approach emotional release. This point can also be viewed as a bifurcation point, a quantum leap, spiritual breakthrough, and a major, life changing peak experience. Letting go is a very important part of moving on. – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

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