Law Of Attraction ParallaxMind SHH – 639 Hz Relationship Attractor

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The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 639Hz Relationship Attractor soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 639 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate one's Heart Chakra which is associated with opening and freeing up crystallized emotional patterns in the heart, mind, and body.


ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 639 Hz Relationship Attractor – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio Harmonic Healing meditation soundtrack (totaling 13:11), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

Press play to listen to a quality 3:11 sample from ‘Solfeggio 639 Hz Relationship Attractor’.
*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation audio technology.

ParallaxMind™ is an advanced form of brain-entrainment audio technology, that stimulates the brain and nervous system, allowing the user to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and attain a broad range of beneficial mindful states like ultra-deep meditation, melting away daily stress, elevating whole-brain functioning, increasing body awareness, practicing the law of attraction in relationships and many more.

The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 639Hz Relationship Attractor soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 639 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate one’s Heart Chakra which is associated with opening and freeing up crystallized emotional patterns in the heart, mind, and body for practicing the law of attraction in relationships. Stereo headphones are required to benefit from the use of this ParallaxMind soundtrack. (Please note: the Solfeggio 639Hz Relationship Attractor track does not contain any Autonomix affirmations).

The Relationship Attractor module is intended to influence all of your relationships for stronger relationship health, and begins with looking within to raise the bar in your relationship with your self!

This 639Hz Solfeggio frequency enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Tone Fa can be used for dealing with relationship problems – those in family, between partners, friends or social patterns. When talking about body awareness and cellular processes, tone Fa can be used to encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. This ancient Solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. The 639 Hz frequency can also be used for communication with spiritual spheres, and for visualizing one’s perfect mate/friend/lover/business partner etc.

What goes on inside your head expresses itself into the life you see (from money to relationships to happiness… it always begins within). If your mind is confused about what you want (to have, be, feel, experience, contribute) your life will reflect it in every way. You can take the wheel at any time. Get clear on what you want, especially regarding the kind and amount of relationships you desire. Remind yourself and surround yourself with those who remind you. Develop skills like emotional intelligence and action planning. Deliberate creating is a skill that can be developed through education and by putting yourself into an environment (with like-minded people) that constantly supports this practice. This is how it goes from being difficult to just ‘being’ who and what you are.

A big part of coming into this life is learning how to form connections. Whether in our families, making friends, or lovers–relationships are truly one of the central focuses of our lives. Even when we aren’t really focused on coming into agreement with others consciously.

As we form relationships we also form attachments to people, places, and things through our relationships. It is these attachments that we must also consider when forming new relationships, or continue one “in progress”.

A very important relationship is the one we have with our self. An even more important relationship is the one we grow into with God, our place in the universe, and how our integral part in creation reveals how we view the quality of relationship we have with–relative to creation as an integral part.

Before I say anymore, acknowledge, realize, and understand that you are absolutely, I mean absolutely an essential and integral part of creation, and without YOU no other thing in creation could exist without your part… seriously!

I sometimes liken the scripture from the Bible to this premise where it reads in Luke;

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

And in my view the sparrows are just as integral to the whole and God’s All in All as we are.

The reason I like that scripture so much is because it reminds me of how everything in the universe is integrally connected to everything else, and that every dot and tittle is known by the consciousness of our life giving Creator. There isn’t a single thing or event that God is not AWARE of.

As cosmo-biologists project their theories of the Big Bang, and how everything in the universe originated out of a single atom, (which I believe is part of the big picture), it makes perfect sense to me that everything in the universe is integrally connected and accounted for. The beginning is the end and everything in between is what springs forth life as we know it, as it continues to expand.

Now let’s bring the micro and macro aspects of creation into the heart, the now, and where we are in our seemingly separate, but integral personal spheres of existence.

Let’s talk about Divine Love

First off, what is Divine Love? Most would view Divine Love as an all embracing, all accepting, all forgiving unconditional love for self and others. The kind of love that doesn’t wear any filters of heart, mind, and spirit.

That is how I currently view and perceive unconditional (Divine) Love.

To me, relationships ultimately begin when we form agreements with those we choose to relate with whether consciously or unconsciously.

Most of the time however, we aren’t aware that we’re actually forming an agreement, or a series of agreements with another human being. Yet, relationships are very much about that… forging agreements, AND being personally accountable to the agreements we form. Notice how I said “accountable to the agreements”. Being accountable to our agreements we can call having personal integrity.

I also live by a little known principle called Relationship Reciprocation, where we consciously choose to honor the agreements we form with another out of mutual respect and love–WITHOUT becoming co-dependent and giving up ourselves in the process. I should probably mention here, that where we draw the line as we define our personal boundaries is part of relationship maturity and reciprocation. One should never have to give their self up, unwillingly, or because they are co-dependent and believe they are supposed to sacrifice their own peace of mind for someone else. That’s not what I’m talking about regarding Relationship Reciprocation.

The more awareness you can bring to the exchange of interactions you have with someone, and the more open, honest, communicative, and sharing your truth as you walk in it yourself the better the outcomes. I believe it’s very important that human beings honor and respect one another and how we effect one another’s lives, without treating others with indifference simply because they don’t always agree with us. In addition to, honoring the agreements we forge with ourselves and communicate the personal boundaries we reserve for our own peace of mind and well-being. Taking care of ourselves is also an important part of honoring our relationships.

Often, we have learned a sense of entitlement and arrive to a new relationship with all these pre-conceived expectations and conditions already formed in our own mind, without considering the extent of the agreements we are forming with potential partners. This is why and when communication is key and vital to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

In my relationships, I choose to form agreements with other like-minded people instead of attachments to people, places, things, and outcomes while communicating exactly what I’m seeking in that relationship openly. You could say I’m boring an attachment to the agreement, but this is something we must all consider when forming new relationships and whatever attachments that go along with them.

I base this premise on the psychological principle called Propinquity, when we form agreements based on common interests with like-minded people, or the causal relationships that form at work, school, the gym, etc.

Here’s a very good definition on Propinquity from Wikipedia:

Propinquity Effect

“The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to form friendships or romantic relationships with those whom they encounter often, forming a bond between subject and friend. Occupational propinquity based on a person’s career, is also commonly seen as a factor in marriage selection. Workplace interactions are frequent and this frequent interaction is often a key indicator as to why close relationships can readily form in this type of environment.[1] In other words, relationships tend to form between those who have a high propinquity. It was first theorized by psychologists Leon Festinger, Stanley Schachter, and Kurt Back in what came to be called the Westgate studies conducted at MIT (1950).[2] The typical Euler diagram used to represent the propinquity effect is shown below where U = universe, A = set A, B = set B, and S = similarity:

The sets are basically any relevant subject matter about a person, persons, or non-persons, depending on the context. Propinquity can be more than just physical distance. Residents of an apartment building living near a stairway, for example, tend to have more friends from other floors than those living further from the stairway. The propinquity effect is usually explained by the mere exposure effect, which holds that the more exposure a stimulus gets, the more likable it becomes.”

—– End Wikipedia —–

Because of the principle of Propinquity, it is a very good idea to take a conscious look at your relationships and ask yourself if you are forming them consciously, or simply because you are in close proximity to others. You may find that if you aren’t exactly meeting the like-minded people you want at work or in social situations, you may need to continue seeking out like-minded individuals with the intention of doing so as you evolve through life. This will cause you to move towards more of what you want to experience in your relationships, rather than what you don’t want.

If you’re having trouble moving on from a relationship, and you’ve done all you can to reconcile it with someone, you may find you have to cut your losses and move on from that relationship.

You’ve done it many times before because relationship is not just attachment to people, places and things, but actual expressions of unconditional love.

Holding onto attachments may prevent you from moving forward and meeting that next special someone, a key business partner, a future best friend, and know it’s unconditionally okay to move forward and let someone fade into the ether of life.

About The Crystal Bowls Music Therapy In
ParallaxMind 639Hz Relationship Attractor

For the music and sound therapy approach to the Crystal Bowls recording, when I recorded the first take I intuitively sensed 3 parts to the movement. A wanting, a bringing, and a connecting/reconnecting to my self and others. This speaks to the desire for relationship and connecting when I look within, and I believe we all have a deep desire to connect in friendship and love as human beings on a deeper level than we may sometimes feel satisfied to. And though it reflects why we desire to connect as seemingly separate selves, we must also look at how this desire may also be filtering our inner need to connect more deeply within our selves as well.

There are two main themes composed for the Crystal Bowls music therapy portion of the track. The first theme is a looking ahead with confidence and empowerment. The second theme is intended more for evoking the desire and longing of wanting to connect, and bringing this energy into self. In essence the two themes exchange both the aspect of self love and being complete in one’s self, and the second reaches out for the desire of another seeking love and connection with a kindred soul.

In this respect, I recommend remaining consciously aware when seeking outside your self, as to not seek more attachments to people, places, and things, but instead knowing that it’s okay to reach out, but without being attached to any one particular outcome. This will allow you more freedom in moving towards your desired outcomes without being attached to them, and sometimes the disappointment they can bring when things don’t necessarily go the way we would have liked from the start.

The two themes can be thought of in various ways. The more emboldened theme can be thought of as out going energy, extrovert, masculine, paternal, and left brained (analytical), and the second theme as incoming energy, introvert, feminine, maternal, and right brained (emotional).

My experience and intention when recording the composition was to enter into an alternating inward-outward, transmitting-receiving state for both seeking and resting in love for external and internal relationships, and how the ParallaxMind entrainment will assist you in remaining at the center of these polarities as the music therapy moves the sonic energy through your system. That is, a deeper internal relationship with self and God. As you listen to the Solfeggio Relationship Attractor remember to love and embrace your self for exactly the way you are!

My suggestion to you is, as you meditate with this module bring into your meditation times when you want to attract more friends, family, or lovers into your life, and consider this to be a “birthing of tempered desire”, combined with an understanding of cultivating patience and bringing more awareness to how you personally have interacted in your past relationships, where you are now, and where you want to be. Then let the universe do the rest as you entrain to the Solfeggio 639Hz healing frequency for attracting and connecting more relationships in your life without being attached to any one particular outcome.

And my final question to you is… “Are you connected with your self?” Let’s do this as a self check.

Do you love your self, believe in your self, know that you are an integral part of the Universe and all of Creation and nothing, no traditions of men, dogma, doctrine, or any other thing can ever change that? It’s true, and it is now okay, in this very moment to accept your self for exactly who you are, including what you may have been told are your short comings, faults, shame, guilt, or any other false pretense you may have inherited from what was in the world before you came into it. Instead, see your self exactly how you are, who YOU want to be, how you consciously choose to interact with the world, and the quality and quantity of relationships you want to have.

Know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you are loved, you are your own creation and self loving sentient being who is hard-wired to seek the way, the truth, and the life and no one but you can choose for your self. It is now okay to love, accept, and believe in your self because this is it. You are here now, you have always been right here, right now in this very moment. This is what Divine Love is all about. Your very existence speaks infinite volumes as to why you are here. To love and be loved period! We are ALL manifest expressions of Divine Love. You deserve it, and there isn’t any requirement whatsoever for this is the truth! It’s very healthy to love your self without letting the doctrines and traditions of men get in the way of God’s Love for you. 🙂 – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

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