Stimulate Your DNA ParallaxMind SHH – Solfeggio 528 Hz DNA Stimulator

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The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 528Hz DNA Stimulator soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 528 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate your DNA for internally inducing greater flow and communication between your brain and body's cells for optimum healing, cellular regeneration, and nervous system alignment.


ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 528 Hz DNA Stimulator – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio Harmonic Healing meditation soundtrack (totaling 11:55), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

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*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation audio technology.

Is It Possible To Stimulate One’s DNA With Sound?

Source: Be Inspired Channel – YouTube

ParallaxMind™ is an advanced form of brain-entrainment audio technology, that stimulates the brain and nervous system, allowing the user to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and attain a broad range of beneficial mindful states like ultra-deep meditation, melting away daily stress, elevating whole-brain functioning, increasing body awareness, boosting energy and many more.

The ParallaxMind™ Solfeggio 528Hz DNA Stimulator soundtrack is embedded with ParallaxMind audio tuned to an ancient 528 Hz Solfeggio carrier frequency, designed to stimulate your DNA for internally inducing greater flow and communication between your brain and body’s cells for optimum healing, cellular regeneration, and nervous system alignment. Stereo headphones are required to benefit from the use of this ParallaxMind soundtrack. (Please note: the Solfeggio 528Hz DNA Stimulator does not contain any Autonomix affirmations).

Its Own “Bio-Language”

Geneticists are now discovering that our DNA possesses its own unique “biological language” that can be measured in various frequency patterns that share certain physical properties with light and sound frequencies. Cellular biologists can measure a great deal of the interaction between cells in the body and their relationship to the environment in frequency.

“Frequency”, in a physical sense, can be thought of the number of cycles a light or sound waveform takes to complete one cycle… hence frequency. “Hertz” is a term used to measure cycles per second. In essence, the 528Hz carrier frequency used in the Solfeggio 528Hz DNA Stimulator track cycles at a rate of 528 times per second.

Russian scientists have begun conducting experiments designed to alter DNA using our conscious thought and intentions. Could we be on the brink of a major evolution in human consciousness and mind expansion?

It stands to reason our conscious thoughts can influence our DNA, because our potential for consciousness and intelligence are in large part rooted in our DNA.

There is evidence emerging supporting a broad range of integrative therapies, in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words, thoughts, sound and light frequencies without physically altering and replacing single genes.

The researchers estimate that about 10% of our human DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA”. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not unintelligent, joined linguists and geneticists in a cooperative to explore those 90% of “junk DNA”. Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary.

According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the “perceived” useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms), and the basic rules of grammar1.

They found that the alkaline of our DNA follow regular grammar and do have set rules just like verbal languages. As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude human languages did not appear coincidentally, but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA.

They devised a method to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency, and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!

Professor Jeff Reimers, of the University Of Sydney in Australia, has theorized from experiments that DNA can mysteriously be teleported.

From the work Reimers has completed, 2008 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier believes that there is evidence that DNA can transport electromagnetic imprints of itself to cells within the body, which it has absolutely no contact with2.

How the process occurs is currently up for debate, as Professor Reimers projects that enzymes are “tricked” into believing that the electromagnetic imprints projected by DNA are mistaken as real.

A Brief History Of The 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency

The ancient Solfeggio 528 Hz frequency used in the Solfeggio 528Hz DNA Stimulator, was originally used in early Christian, Gregorian chant music such as the great hymn to St. John.

When combined with the Solfeggio 528 Hz DNA stimulation frequency, engineered with ParallaxMind audio that naturally induces elevated brain wave states at the Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain wave levels, we have found the healing combination to be very stimulating and invigorating.

The meditation music accompanying the ParallaxMind Solfeggio frequency, was composed and performed by myself, using Crystal Singing Bowls offering additional music therapeutic benefits. The musical scale centered around the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency is closely tuned to the musical note “C”, which is associated with the Root Chakra, also called the Muladhara Chakra, thought by some to influence vitality, courage, and self-confidence.

This soundtrack can be used for prayer, meditation, emotional and physical healing, manifestation visualization, focus and concentration, and for becoming fully aware in the “now” moment. It’s very peaceful.

The ParallaxMind Solfeggio Harmonic Healing series is an effective combination of 9 individual soundtracks that work in unison, as a kind of matrix to deliver a powerful system of brain-entrainment, music, and sound therapy to the practitioner using the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. Each intended to offer a unique approach to inner healing and body/mind/soul expansion. – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

1Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence) – Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf – Omega-Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2001.
2DNA Waves and Water – L. Montagnier, J. Aissa, E. Del Giudice, C. Lavallee, A. Tedeschi, and G. Vitiello. – Interdiscip. Sci. Comput. Life Sci. 1, Pg. 81–90, 2009.

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