7.83 Schumann Resonance ParallaxMind SDL – Circadian Rhythms Meditation

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The ParallaxMind™ Circadian Rhythms Meditation module is a ParallaxMind Self-Development soundtrack that combines our ParallaxMind™ brain entrainment tuned into the current frequency of Mother Earth's Resonance, that is designed to anchor you deeply in the seat of the Earth's soul.


ParallaxMind™ Circadian Rhythms Meditation – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ meditation and positive affirmations soundtrack (totaling 9:11), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

Press play to listen to a quality 2:11 sample from ‘Circadian Rhythms Meditation’.
*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation audio technology.

The ParallaxMind™ Circadian Rhythms Meditation module is a ParallaxMind Self-Development soundtrack that combines our ParallaxMind™ brain entrainment tuned into the current frequency of Mother Earth’s Resonance, that is designed to anchor you deeply in the seat of the Earth’s soul.

The ParallaxMind stimulus embedded in the 9:11 track, will gently guide your brainwaves beginning at a normal state of waking consciousness then through the lower Beta, Alpha, Theta states, settle in mid Delta, and then traverse back up ascending through the former states and resolving at a higher Gamma state for increasing coherence in the brain, and elevated consciousness and energy levels.

The 7.5, 7.83 (Schumann Resonance similar to that found on Cultivate Great Gratitude), 14.1, 20.3, 26.4 Hz target Theta, up through higher Beta, and lower Gamma frequencies will help boost your energy levels, improve stress tolerance levels, psychic healing, pituitary stimulation to release human growth hormone (HGH – helps develop muscle, regenerate the body’s cells, recover from injuries faster, offers rejuvenation effects), leaves you feeling revitalized, and enhances learning as the brain produces catecholamines in the brain when meditating in the lower Alpha and Theta brainwave states.

The ParallaxMind carrier waves used on the track ventures into the higher brainwave frequencies to also stimulate energy levels so while you feel relaxed by the Earth Resonance brainwave states, you’re also being energized by the targeted, carrier wave frequencies listed above. I personally feel energized (yet mellow) after listening to this track throughout my day.

The current frequency of the Earth’s resonance is estimated at over 11 Hz. But the Earth resonance frequency is not fixed in time. The Earth’s resonance actually evolves as the Earth goes through changes and is climbing. The Circadian Rhythms Meditation track is designed to traverse through all previously known Earth resonance cycles, and progressively guides the user’s brainwave states through the current 11 Hz resonance, and ascends into the upper stratosphere of the mid Gamma state: which has been associated with increased mental binding of the 5 senses for greater memory retention and recall, and for elevated states of inner unity synchronized with the resonance of the Earth.

This track will allow you to rest in the bosom of mother Earth, and be cradled by the natural resonance of the Earth’s vibrations.

The Circadian Rhythms Meditation is from our ParallaxMind™ True Nature Series–where we strive for true to life portraits of nature captured with sound combined with ParallaxMind Audio Technology!

The natural environmental ambience used for the Circadian Rhythms Meditation features the Sonoran Apache Cicada I recorded in the Tucson Desert (see the image above) with stereo 3D microphones.

Why This Track Is Called Circadian Rhythms Meditation

Circadian rhythms are those cyclic patterns that mark the changing “seasons” of a day, and the life cycles our hearts, minds, and bodies revolve throughout the day as well. Another term that you may be familiar with is bio-rhythms. Our sleep patterns can be thought of as part of our circadian rhythms.

The circadian rhythms of the Sonoran Desert are the sounds of the early morning hours when the birds and the cicada come alive during early to mid summer, recorded in Sabino Canyon in Tucson, AZ, and is home to the Apache Cicada (Diceroprocta Apache).

sonoran apache cicada

The ancient sounds of the Sonoran Desert Cicada are primordial in nature going back tens of thousands of years.

The Cicada and the Human Species

The harmless cicada, which neither bites nor stings, has found its way into the human diet, medicine cabinets, folklore and mythology of the human species. According to Allen, various Native Americans eat cicada, frying them in butter and eating them like popcorn. Based on information from informants, L. C. Wyman and F. L. Bailey said, in Navajo Indian Ethnoentomology, that Navajos ate cicadas “in ‘the old days,’ in their grandparents’ time, perhaps when food was scarce, but that children sometimes eat them now, that adults might eat them because ‘it is healthy’ or ‘for protection for being strong.’ Usually the wings and the legs and sometimes the head were removed and the body roasted in hot ashes. Other methods mentioned were to burn off the wings and legs and salt the insects, to grind them with salt, to fry them, or to eat them raw. The taste was likened to peanuts, popcorn, or crackerjack; ‘it has its own sugar.’” Other references speak of the cicada as a source of human food across the Americas, Asia, the Congo and Australia.

In our desert Southwest, the cicada outwitted the traditional trickster, the coyote, in Zuni mythology. It produced heat in Hopi mythology, heralding the arrival of summer, and it is “the patron of Hopi Flute societies in charge of both music and healing,” according to Stephen W. Hill, Kokopelli Ceremonies. The cicada played a key role as a scout and a conqueror in Navajo creation myths. It brought renewal and healing to other tribes.

Across the Southwest, from prehistory into historic times, the cicada became identified with the hump-backed flute player, or Kokopelli, a charismatic and iconic figure portrayed in rock art and ceramic imagery.

The cicada is also an ancient polyvalent symbol: resounding themes are resurrection, immortality, spiritual realization, and spiritual ecstasy.

Interesting fact: Did you know John The Baptist used to eat these little critters mixed with honey, as did many of our ancestors in ancient times? It’s true! So if you’re ever lost, wandering in the desert and hungry, just listen for and follow the sound of the cicada and you’re set! Oh, and you might want to keep a spare jar of honey on you just in case. 😉

When you consider the importance a species role plays on the eco system, especially in such a fragile place as the Sonoran Desert, the Apache Cicada is said to be vital to the fragile balance of the Arizona Desert as we know it and enjoy it today.

The Apache Cicada has a very short life span. Approximately 2-3 years is the extent of it’s life.

Just as a flower and a bee can be perceived as separate organisms, the reality is that neither can exist without the other. In science this is known as a unified field.

I believe the short span of the Apache Cicada’s life is significant in reminding us of the subtle nuances that go into maintaing the balance of the eco system around us, and the significance of the integral role ANY species plays on it’s environment.

The track will also help you stay close to nature without having to go to nature if you can’t find the time, and increase one’s awareness of the crucial role nature has in our lives.

The brilliant vibratory sound the Apache Cicada makes is a voice that has endured with us from a very distant time, and is a result of the male of the species using all of its body and life span to attract a female. After mating, the female cuts slits into the bark of a twig, and into these she deposits her eggs. She may do so repeatedly, until she has laid several hundred eggs. When the eggs hatch, the newly hatched nymphs drop to the ground, where they burrow. Most cicadas go through a life cycle that lasts from two to five years.

I believe this vibration of the Apache Cicada to be primordial in nature, and that it’s sound timbre carries a unique quality that simply mesmerizes the listener, especially when you’re submersed in the middle of 100s of thousands of these little critters in the middle of the Tucson desert in 110 degree heat… forget about sweat lodging :).

To me, primordial sources allow us to resonate with nature in a way that can easily be forgotten, yet are so easily attainable when one takes the time to “listen close”. I call this “primatory intuitive stimulation”, as primordial sights and sounds are essentially a part of our distant, ancestral collective memory. What is the point in pursuing this? I believe it allows us to follow a shorter path to identifying with our primal nature, the simplicity of life, and the source of creation. And, it makes for a wonderful marriage between nature and technology in an organic way making it conducive to meditation.

Plus, there’s another factor. Why I’m going to intentionally annoy you…

“Say what?” You might ask.

Yes, another factor in creating the primordial soundtrack is because the vibratory sounds of the Apache Cicada are both inherently soft, which makes it pleasing to listen to at times, and there’s a harder side–it’s also harsh to listen to at times. Kind of sounds like the essence of human nature and life, doesn’t it?

At first, you may find that the sounds of these exotic cicada annoying, and it may grate your nerves a wee bit. But once you find the right listening level, it will begin to lull you into an ancient lullaby that is impossible to explain with words.

The reason is because while ParallaxMind audio technology literally synchronizes your brainwaves to keep you in the zone to meditate on this, the cicada will at times tend to sway your ability to tolerate the higher frequencies the cicada produce. But I promise it won’t be too annoying as I’ve made the track to be only 9:11 in length. And please do use lower, comfortable volume levels to ensure long health to your ears.

Plus, the nature of the sound timbre, and primordial connection tends to embed whatever thoughts or ideas one is thinking during this meditation to be “remembered” in one’s body awareness and memory. In large part because the natural timbre and higher registers of the cicada combine very well with the higher Beta and Gamma mental binding brainwave states. (Which is why you want to think positive, loving thoughts while meditating.)

I considered adding Autonomix Quiet Affirmations to the track for creating greater unity with the Earth, but wanted to allow the listener’s brain/mind/body to flow naturally with the organic sounds of Mother Nature.

Sometimes after listening I can hear the Cicada come to mind in a distant dream when falling asleep. To this day, I can still recall the feeling of sitting among the millions of cicada on this blistering hot day in the Sonoron desert. Yet, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I feel as if the energy of these special cicada was somehow transferred to me, and I regained a distant memory from our ancient past. The desert has a way of drying out the soul, which is why I go to the desert often for prayer, meditation, and personal reflection. If you haven’t been to the Tucson desert, I highly recommend taking a trip by yourself or with your family one day.

“So what point is there in doing this Lewi?”

Well, there really isn’t any point, which is the point. Since we are in a state of deep meditation, the very heart of such a practice is to be able to allow feelings and thoughts that come into one’s mind, to come and go without analysis and self-judgment, etc. To simply be (with Mother Earth and the Apache Cicada). So when you are in such a state and really groovin’ on the flow of energy ParallaxMind entrains your brainwaves to, along comes these wave-like sounding cicada vibrations, which are very mesmerizing and tantalizing in their own way, but will literally rub up against your ability to allow whatever is happening in that very moment, to be as it is without getting attached to the annoyance or whatever it creates in you. Maybe you’ll love every minute of it. You’ll have to prove it yourself to find out how it will effect you.

So there you have the art of it, on the technical side of the vibratory engagements and interactions you have with it, you have ParallaxMind audio anchoring you to the vibratory frequencies between the left and right sides of your brain–tuned into the Earth’s current resonance cycles and her orbit frequency. On the abstract side of things you have the primordial, ancient vibrations, that have travelled millions of years to get to your ear, and in their own rite connect you to the Earth and nature in a very organic way. And then there’s your new found ability to witness yourself functioning on such an archaic level as the witness in between all this. I must say, you’re in for a ride. I can’t wait to hear the feedback from this one.

By the way, if you first find you feel a little annoyed by the sounds of the Apache Cicada, turn down the volume a little bit. You may find after listening for a minute or two you begin to enjoy the circadian rhythms of this ancient insect. I personally find their sound to be very relaxing and mesmerizing. Imagine that you’re sitting in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, in the hot sun of the desert, surrounded by these amazing little creatures. Plus, you’ll be tuning into the natural resonance of the Earth’s frequency and orbit as the ParallaxMind stimulus track is played out over the duration of the 9:11 track.

If you do find the track to be a little obtrusive or causes you to feel some irritability, use the track as a mindfulness meditation for practicing patience and long-suffering endurance. It will pay off I promise you. The ParallaxMind audio embedded in the track will naturally raise your stress threshold in addition to practicing mindfulness with this ParallaxMind module.

Speaking of the ParallaxMind audio engineered for this track, I felt compelled to include a screenshot of the beauty of the shape of the waveforms I discovered when editing the entrainment portion of the Circadian Rhythms Meditation.

ParallaxMind Circadian Rhythms Brainwave Entrainment WaveformsClick To Enlarge Image

Isn’t that purdy? In a visual sense, your brainwaves are entraining to these beautiful flowing patterns when listening to this track. 🙂 – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

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