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The ParallaxMind™ The Ultimate Believer module focuses on the power of one's beliefs, and how our core beliefs create our present and future realities based on how we identify, define, and re-define our core beliefs to create the thoughts and actions we use to experience more of what we want in life.


ParallaxMind™ The Ultimate Believer – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ meditation and positive affirmations soundtrack (totaling 9:33), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

Press play to listen to a quality 2:11 sample from ‘The Ultimate Believer’.
*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies.

It Is By Using The Biology Of Belief Your Dreams Come True

Fundamentally speaking, your core beliefs and the moment by moment decisions you make every day determine the quality and destiny of the life you live.

If there’s ever a time you question why a certain thing happened the way it did, or how it could be different you need to look at two very important but simple aspects of conscious living and decision making:

1) How and what you think, what are your conscious thoughts?
2) How you act, what are the actions you execute when making a decision based on your thoughts to take action?

In essence, regardless if one is conscious of the fact or not, we are the co-creators of our life and our individual reality. The part we are responsible for is the ways in which we choose to respond to internal and external events as they arise moment by moment–that shapes our lives day by day. It is possible that the majority of the human race is creating our collective reality unconsciously, which all of us are playing a big or small part. However, the things that happen to us and how we individually respond to external forces and triggers come from within us, not from outside and what we consciously choose to do with that information based on how we think and act accordingly to create the outcomes we want.

Because most of what and how we think and act comes from deep within our core beliefs, many of which operate on auto-pilot unconsciously, what manifests for us never comes from something outside of us, and the subjective life experience we interpret we are living. What this means is, if you can match your thoughts and actions to model those who are experiencing the things you want to create for yourself, and how you respond internally and externally, you will most of the time create those results too.

At the core of our choices and decision making processes can be found one’s beliefs. Beliefs hold true power. The power of your beliefs is the fuel that gives life to your, well… life!

How does one create the inner responses to manifest the external results one desires? And how does one choose these responses based on conscious choice instead of acting from unconscious programming?

One major component is what beliefs you adopt that create the experiences of your life.

The ParallaxMind™ The Ultimate Believer module focuses on the power of one’s beliefs, and how our core beliefs create our present and future realities based on how we identify, define, and re-define our core beliefs to create the thoughts and actions we use to experience more of what we want in life.

The Ultimate Believer is a gentle True Nature Series™ soundtrack also embedded with Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations for entraining the brain and body to enhance the biology and power of belief, and features the mesmerizing environmental sounds of wild dolphins in their natural habitat. The Ultimate Believer was engineered so you can loop the track in your CD or .mp3 player and listen to it with stereo headphones for meditation as usual, or play/loop in the background while you do other things in your home or office without headphones to create a pleasant ambience while the Autonomix affirmations do their thing while you work, play, read, study, nap.. or even while you fall asleep!

ATTENTION! Very Important Note: Although it is perfectly fine to meditate with stereo headphones during a single meditation session, please DO NOT fall asleep with this track looped in your CD or MP3 player with your stereo headphones on! When looping this track, only loop it when listening with open stereo speakers in a room. You can fall asleep with the track looped while listening with open speakers to leverage the Autonomix Quiet Affirmations embedded in the track, but please be certain you do not fall asleep when meditating with stereo headphones as the ParallaxMind entrainment ventures up to 1052 Hz to match the lower states of the dolphins vocal frequencies, to reinforce cognitive coherence and mental binding of the five senses, and for accelerated memory retention. The Ultimate Believer is not intended to be used for prolonged use during a single listening session when using headphones.

Another Important Note: The Ultimate Believer track may leave you feeling a light euphoria shortly after, with residual lighter feelings throughout the day after you listen. Please refrain from driving your automobile or operating machinery for at least 30 minutes after listening to The Ultimate Believer. You may also experience a little “flightiness” the next day, and a little more nervous energy than usual as a result. This is also why I engineered the Alpha and Theta states into the mix (midway) as well… so Theta healing and Alpha relaxation are impressed upon the brain and remembered/integrated within the higher coherent, states range.

Be rest assured any nervousness will settle as your brainwaves adapt to it. This adapting will also contribute to increased energy levels you may experience that will level out more over time, for example completing tasks without giving as much mental energy to doing (or avoiding) them. I really like that benefit. 😉 Any nervousness you may experience at first, is because we are accessing and awakening higher frequency brainwave states that stimulate the frontal lobes of the brain a little more than most other ParallaxMind tracks are designed to do, and most people on planet Earth for that matter who aren’t used to their brains being entrained to these higher brainwave states in such a systematic way. This is perfectly fine, and a very good thing because it means you’ll begin stimulating and using more of your brain than before you started using the track, as a result of the brain accessing higher states with increased brain coherence–one of the more noticeable results. This is why I recommend listening to the track once on Day 1 and then taking 3-4 days off when using stereo headphones–when engaging the brainwave entrainment to allow your brain and nervous system enough time to adapt, by alternating your sessions in 4 day cycles.

When listening to The Ultimate Believer with open speakers in a room, or when looping the track with open speakers, you can listen to it as much and as often as you like. You may still receive a slight amount of the entrainment as the brain picks up the higher coherence entrainment states slightly easier even with open speakers, especially if you’re sitting close to the center of the speakers.

After a few weeks of using the track regularly, ex. 1 day on 3-4 days off and then repeating etc., feel free to listen to it more often with headphones, as your brain and nervous system will have adjusted to the higher coherence states we’re accessing. I believe you’ll be able to notice a lot more clarity and openness of awareness and mind so to speak.

In essence, we’re entraining the brain to enter into very high mental coherence, binding states by using much higher carrier waves “resembling and intermingling” with that of the lower range of dolphin echo-communication frequencies (but are high to us). We must target the lower range of the dolphins language because dolphins emit and receive frequencies up to 10 times higher than human beings.

Did you know that if you slow dolphin voices down 64 times they sound A LOT like human voices? I think that’s very cool! 🙂 A person’s upper hearing range is 14,000 – 20,000 Hz peaked. On average, a dolphin’s vocal and hearing “receiver” range is up to 150,000 Hz!1 What that means is as human beings we can only hear a fraction–about 1/10th of what “we think we hear” dolphins sound like, when in reality they can produce frequencies–transmit and receive them through sonar up to 10 times higher than we can even receive in terms of sound waves and frequencies because of our biology. So when listening with our human ears we’re only hearing a fraction of the lower part of a dolphin’s vocabulary, frequencies, and bio-field language. I’m so curious to hear what they’re saying “up there”. Being a music and sound therapist/engineer, and how sound energy vibrates within, all around and effects the bio-field of the human body, I sincerely support the notion that some of the myths you may have heard about how a dolphin can tune into humans and alter the structure of their cells with sonar–is biologically “sound” and quite possible in my opinion. Sorry for the pun. 😉 .

I intuitively chose the soundscape of the dolphins for the amazing healing properties of their primordial sounds, and wanted to offer not only an understanding of these amazing creatures and their sound emitting properties, but how the brainwave science associated with dolphins is proof positive that sound healing can be very awe inspiring, points to the possibilities and diversity of sound energy in nature, and sheds a great deal of light on universal consciousness, and how sound (and light) energy intrinsically connects us to nature and the Universal Mind.

There are many holistic sound therapists who believe that dolphins can penetrate our bodies with their sonar and echo-location abilities, and literally heal us by altering the structure of our bodies DNA at the cellular level. They can use their radar to “look into” us. This module is not intended for this kind of instruction, but I found some of these theories and facts fascinating when researching this module, and thought you might appreciate it as well. To me, it is very inspiring to know that dolphins are highly advanced creatures, with perhaps higher forms of communication than our own, and we get to share this wonderful planet of creative energy with them.

Brain-Entrainment Goal: We’re accessing high level mental binding and coherence states to closer match the higher (to us) brainwave cycles of dolphins with the intention of enhancing and accelerating learning and increasing coherence of the five senses in the brain. Plus, we’re also dipping into the Alpha and Theta states (midway through) for super-learning states 1 and 2 to further reinforce the Autonomix positive affirmations as well.

The ParallaxMind brain-entrainment stimulus begins in mid-Beta at a full waking state of consciousness, then ventures into higher Beta, Gamma and Hyper-Gamma states for increased energy, mental binding and coherence of the affirmations to be impressed upon your mind, back down through Beta, Alpha relaxation, Theta healing and learning acceleration, back up through Alpha, mid-Beta, Gamma, Hyper-gamma, Gamma, and finally resting back down into a mid-Beta full waking state. The higher Gamma and Hyper-Gamma states were intentionally designed to be gentle, effective, and occur in short “bursts” of these higher states to be gentle yet potent during entrainment.

10 Essential Principles For Creating A Conscious
Life Based On Resourceful Beliefs

  • Principle #1) As we were growing up, we all inherited beliefs that caused us to believe who we are, and our roles as others see us in the world–especially from our parents, teachers, and authority figures.
  • Principle #2) The mind will always create congruency between our beliefs, and other parts of our internal map of reality–how we interpret life experiences and sort them in our mind. This is true regardless what one’s core beliefs really are.
  • Principle #3) Excessive, early life sensitization and trauma instill beliefs that cause us to focus on what we do not want to attract. As the brain is a highly motivated mechanism to accomplish the goal of its programming, especially at the unconscious level, un-resourceful beliefs are not helpful to living a healthy and productive life. In order to create the internal and external results one wants, including one’s thoughts and feelings, one must focus on the exact results they want and instruct their mind to carry out the results they desire.
  • Principle #4) As the mind has learned to perceive what is true to the one who believes a certain belief is true, choosing beliefs on whether they are true or not is un-resourceful. A belief always rings true to the one who believes it. Creating happiness and conscious living is based on whether or not beliefs prove to be resourceful, based on “witnessing” one’s actual life experience manifest as a result.
  • Principle #5) The best way to evaluate whether or not a belief is resourceful in one’s life, is to adopt the witness posture to how an identified core belief creates the experience of life observed with conscious awareness. Becoming the “watcher” to how a core belief manifests in one’s life will cause the resourceful parts of the belief to remain, and the un-resourceful parts to dissolve as conscious competence naturally increases. A highly efficient way to accomplish this is by meditating and developing a witness posture with ParallaxMind audio technology a short time each day. The more awareness that is brought to this process of witnessing, equates to the acceleration and increase of this awareness.
  • Principle #6) Each time one identifies a core belief, watches it with awareness and how it creates a certain outcome associated with the core belief, one can consciously choose moment by moment a more resourceful belief that creates optimum emotional, physical, and spiritual health and the desired results one wants.
  • Principle #7) Identifying what one’s core beliefs actually are is the first step to liberating an unconscious, un-resourceful belief operating on auto-pilot, and shifting the belief into one that produces resourceful outcomes.
  • Principle #8) The most efficient way to identify one’s core beliefs is to witness and observe the results one creates with nonjudgmental objectivity–watching with curiosity and awareness instead of self-criticism and over-analysis.
  • Principle #9) Inasmuch as one believes the same beliefs, one will produce the same results. It is impossible to focus on the same beliefs, while expecting new results. To create new life experiences, one must choose new beliefs and focus on them with conscious awareness. It is helpful to observe how others experience the results one wants in life, and model their beliefs, thoughts, and actions after them.
  • Principle #10) To choose and affirm a new belief, one must focus on the new belief with conscious intention, and express it in every creative way possible–looking for windows of opportunity to practice the new belief in reality.

Understand and accept that it’s perfectly okay to be who you are and that the process of adopting and practicing with new beliefs takes time, and for the rest of your life will be an essential part of your personal evolution.

My personal belief is that we don’t “literally replace” a core belief like swapping out a new for an old software program. Instead, my opinion is that we shift, change, and reshape the core beliefs that are already operating unconsciously with the more conscious awareness we bring to it–since all our core beliefs are deeply integrated and programmed. This point of view supports Principle #5 above. There really aren’t any “lines in the sand” that define what one core belief is relative to another. As the essence of one core belief shifts and changes, I believe the entire core structure of our beliefs shift and change accordingly to produce more effective outcomes in our life, which in turn allows to create more momentum in identifying, shifting/changing our core beliefs even more. Again, this speaks to the law of dominant effect where unconscious incompetence eventually becomes conscious competence.

I want to emphasize how meditating with ParallaxMind audio accelerates this process, because it helps you identify and bring awareness to the core level of how you are creating the current results you are experiencing in your life, and naturally assists in the resolution of deep-core incongruent aspects of self. In great part because of the hemispheric synchronization that occurs in the brain as a result of entraining the brain. It also allows you to create a buffer zone between your emotions, thoughts, and actions as you become detached when observing the process of how your beliefs manifest the outcomes of your life from a neutral, objective, nonjudgmental perspective. Hence, once again we’re consciously creating Parallax shifts of perception in the mind.

There’s a huge disparity between living life as an unconscious, programmed reactive mechanism, and living life with conscious intention where one responds with conscious awareness and decision making BEFORE acting impulsively, instead of reacting to life’s situations. It’s the difference between allowing unidentified unconscious beliefs to operate on auto-pilot with indifference (indifferent towards one’s self and others), or choosing resourceful beliefs that help you get what you do want in life consciously. I personally, will do all that I can in my power to live my life consciously with whatever it takes.

Inherently, we are all pros at manifesting what we believe and focus on. However, most of what you currently believe you did not choose consciously to believe and focus on. In reality, that is the reality behind the veil, over 80% of what you, myself, and the rest of humanity are focusing on is happening unconsciously and programmed to run on auto-pilot. But it doesn’t have to be that way as one awakens. As stated in Principle #9 above, inasmuch as you focus on the same beliefs that are creating your current life situation, one that you may want to change for the better, you will keep producing the same outcome. This emphasizes what I stated above about how most of humanity (as much as 90%) are functioning as unconscious, programmed reactive mechanisms.

To start creating more of what you want out of life, both what you witness manifesting within and without, it is essential to consciously choose moment by moment thoughts and actions that will effectively change your perceived sense of reality from the inside out. Choosing and focusing on resourceful beliefs is the first step to causing a new reality to come about in the grand design of creation. In my view, we do this in co-creation with our Creator.

Following are some powerful affirmations I authored to help your unconscious mind focus and carry out resourceful cues to both educate your mind on the power of belief, and to instill unconscious instructions to help move you towards choosing and becoming more aware of “living out” resourceful beliefs in your life.

Basically, the quiet affirmations found on The Ultimate Believer are encoded by shifting the frequencies up to the top range of human hearing 14,000 – 20,000 Kz. This may seem like a useless thing to do. However, the inner ear decodes the sound and delivers it to your subconscious mind through a process known as “slope detection”.

autonomix quiet affirmations audio graphic

“The Ultimate Believer”
True Nature – Quiet Affirmations Series
The affirmations included in The Ultimate Believer featuring
Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio are as follows:

“I am an expert at creating what I believe and focus on.
I am an expert at creating wealth.
I am an expert on living a healthy life.
I am an expert on giving and receiving love.
Focus on beliefs that create optimum emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
What I believe is.
What I believe right now will be.
What I believe always comes true.
What I believe creates my life.
According to my faith in what I believe, the belief will become me.
Know your beliefs.
I know my beliefs and choose resourceful ones.
I know my beliefs and choose ones that create abundance.
I know my beliefs and choose infinite abundance.
When I discover a belief that serves me less, I will choose a new belief that serves me more.
When I discover a belief that moves me away from love, I will choose a new belief that moves me into love.
I am the sum of my beliefs.
I become what I believe.
I have become what I believe.
I can create what I want with what I believe.
I hold the power of my beliefs in my awareness.
Awareness is power.
Belief is power.
I have the Supreme Power of belief within me.
I am aware of the power of belief.
I hold the power of belief in my consciousness and my beliefs take form.
I choose resourceful beliefs that get me what I want.
I choose resourceful beliefs that get others what they want with my help.
I choose resourceful beliefs that create exactly what I want.
I choose resourceful beliefs that create optimum health in my life.
I choose resourceful beliefs that create an abundant life.
I choose resourceful beliefs consciously every moment of each day.
I make important moment by moment choices with beliefs that move me towards an abundant life.
I am grateful for resourceful beliefs that create an abundant life.
I choose resourceful beliefs that create infinite abundance.
I am an expert at creating what I believe and focus on.
What I believe and focus on will become my reality.
What I believe and focus on becomes my reality.
What I believe and focus on has become my reality.
What I believe and focus on is my reality right now.
I can co-create a new reality with all of Creation.
I am an expert at creating what I believe and focus on.
I am an expert at creating wealth.
I am an expert on living a healthy life.
I am an expert on giving and receiving love.
I am an expert on living a fulfilling abundant life.
My life overflows with abundance.
Focus on beliefs that create optimum emotional, physical, and spiritual health.”

Note: The entire affirmations script is repeated 1 time over the duration of the 9:33 The Ultimate Believer soundtrack. – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

1“… up to frequencies 10 times higher than a man can hear. 100 cycles/sec to 150,000 cycles/sec.” – 0.1–150 kHz – Stenuit, Robert. The Dolphin: Cousin to Man. New York: Sterling, 1969: pg. 48-49.

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