Develop Ambedexterity ParallaxMind SDL – Brain Lateralization Equalizer Left Right Hemispheres

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The ParallaxMind™ Brain Lateralization Equalizer module is from our ParallaxMind™ Nirvana Series, and offers a combination of ParallaxMind™ and Parachrons™ audio technologies intended to correct brain-lateralization, hand to eye coordination, and increase one’s ambidexterity (left/right hand to eye coordination) for a wide range of applications including sports enhancement, performing music, and essentially all human endeavor requiring left brain, right brain cross-communication.


ParallaxMind™ Brain Lateralization Equalizer – High Quality Mastered for iTunes AAC Files, or 320 Bit-Rate MP3s for Android Devices Instant Downloads. Includes 1 ParallaxMind™ meditation and positive affirmations soundtrack (totaling 8:45), complete PDFs documentation, meditation posture and sitting videos with a total running time of 22:00.

Press play to listen to a quality 2:11 sample from ‘Brain Lateralization Equalizer’.
*Stereo headphones are required to experience the deep ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats Meditation and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies.

“These two come paired,
but distinct by their names.
Of all things profound,
say their pairing is deepest,
the gate to the root of the world.”
– Laozi (Lao Tzu, Born: BC 400, Henan)

What Is Brain Lateralization? A Brief Overview…

By nature, the human brain is inherently dualistic.

The ParallaxMind™ Brain Lateralization Equalizer module is from our ParallaxMind™ Nirvana Series, and is intended to correct brain-lateralization, hand to eye coordination, and increase one’s ambidexterity (left/right hand to eye coordination) for a wide range of applications including sports, music, and essentially all human endeavor.

The 8:45 track features a very focused and potent brain-entrainment, emphasized in the full Alpha, up through the Beta and lower Gamma brainwave ranges, to reinforce the pineal gland, and frontal lobe stimulation of the brain, and to increase brain coherence of the five senses.

The ParallaxMind stimulus is combined with both audible and mirrored Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations affirmations, designed to deeply center you in the “now moment”, and develop to improve left brain/right brain cross communication more quickly.

The music therapy aspect of the module is composed in the key of A, to further enhance the development of the Third Eye Chakra in combination with the brain-entrainment, focusing on increasing coherence between the brain/mind relationship.

This track can be useful for musicians, artists, painters, athletes, dancers, or any human endeavor that requires “second nature” hand to eye coordination and developing the ability to do with the left hand, what one can do with the right more efficiently. Which is really… ALL human endeavor! 😉

The main purpose and intention behind the Brain Lateralization Equalizer, is to assist you in correcting any brain-lateralization you may have developed over time, which in turn will also increase your ambidexterity and left hand/right brain, and right hand/left brain coordination.

Keep in mind, I’m not implying that you personally are deficient from any unbalanced brain-lateralization, though it is common knowledge among neuro-researchers we all experience some level of it, and in my opinion the majority of the human race do. This subtly speaks to why there are so many self-imposed problems that indirectly become collective problems that shape our world.

By self-imposed, I mean that we all learn from the generations and their understanding that come before us, and we live in a dualistic world. And, very few religions, philosophies, or belief systems effectively and openly approach this very simple premise regarding the natural dualism of the human mind and brain. One such philosophy that does address the dualistic aspects of the mind is Taoism.

Reconciling dual aspects of the mind by reconditioning the brain is a key reason why brainwave-entrainment, especially advanced forms of brain-entrainment like ParallaxMind are so effective in naturally awakening the mind to its own natural dualism, and permanently helps to correct any disparities via means of hemispheric synchronization, which influences the creation of new neuro-pathways between the left and right sides of the brain.

ParallaxMind™ brain-entrainment quite literally develops and strengthens new neuro connections between the left and right sides of the brain naturally, and this ability not only stays with you, but increases the more you use it. Isn’t that good to know? How many personal growth programs or systems can scientifically prove that claim? Not many. 🙂

The good news is, ALL of your ParallaxMind soundtracks will help to permanently correct any brain-lateralization on some level. Even better news is that the Brain Lateralization Equalizer was specifically engineered to deeply center your mind/brain/body relationship, using a combination of ParallaxMind™ and Parachrons™ audio technologies targeting a deeply centered Alpha and Gamma brainwave states, reinforced with the Parachrons Isochronic Tones technology I developed, including a brief Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations script whispering beneath the radar of your conscious awareness reciting simply… “Remain at the center at all times. Be present. Be in the now.”, and is repeated 26 times throughout the duration of the track for added effectiveness of the positive affirmation.

The spoken word affirmation is both audible, and also mirrored under the surface encoded with Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio. In a sense, we’re kind of tricking the mind into receiving this affirmation, in case your early life programming attempts to resist and filter it out.

So as your conscious mind discerns the audible affirmation, and may possibly filter it out by way of the left brain critical filtering mechanism, the mirrored Autonomix Quiet Affirmation will be received by your unconscious mind at the same time. Plus, the Autonomix mirrored version is staggered throughout the recording, as not to be recited at the same time as the audible version of the same affirmation.

Brain-Lateralization is based on the premise that the two hemispheres of the human brain’s cerebral cortex, found in both the left and right sides of the brain carry out separate, yet relative brain functions.

Nobel-prize winning psychologists Robert Ornstein and Roger Sperry explored the lateralization theory to help us understand human behavior, imagination, personality traits, and the ability to access specific brain functions to perform specific tasks. Only highly evolved mammals and complex organisms like humans possess the cerebral cortex. The main reasons for this brain trait is to organize higher brain function and to manage a more sophisticated communication system as the brain acts like an “epicenter” for carrying messages throughout the human body–by way of our nervous systems.

At the center of the human brain is a sophisticated network of over 200 million nerve fibers called the corpus collosum (about 10 cm long), that unites the two halves of the brain to guarantee communication between the two hemispheres. The corpus collosum can be up to 40% larger in women than in men.

Corpus CollosumFigure 1: Corpus Collosum

Women’s brains tend to possess more gray matter, (where the information processing centers in the brain are located; composed of cell bodies), which may explain why women tend to use more communication and verbal skills, and why women are able to use less mental energy when performing remedial and repetitive tasks.

Whereas, men’s brains tend to possess more white matter, (where the connections between the information centers of the brain are located; composed of nerve fibers), which may explain why men tend to have broader spatial and visual capabilities. However, when one is able to gain awareness of these distinctive traits, and then develop their specific functions relative to applying them to real life situations, is when one is able to transcend the limited perceptions of either the female and male brain functions, and integrate the “two” into a greater “whole”.

Here is a general overview of the two hemispheres independent brain functions.

The following overview is presented for a right-sorted, or right-handed person. When considering a left-sorted, or left-handed person the reverse characteristics may apply:

  • The left hemisphere of the brain is more analytical in nature, and is identified with the masculine side of human traits. The left hemisphere deals with facts, structure, discipline, rules, acknowledgment of time, math, categorizing, logic, deductive reason, fine details, definitions, planning, literal use of words, science, technology, and extroversion. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body’s motor functions.
  • The right hemisphere serves the more creative and literal aspects of human endeavor, and is identified with the feminine side of human traits. This includes feelings, intuition, sensitivity, emotions, daydreaming, creativity, color and spatialization, responding to rhythms and patterns, spontaneity, physical sensations, taking risks, flexibility, diversity, experiential wisdom, relationship dynamics on a base level, spirituality, playing, introversion, humor, autonomic motor skills, and an impressionistic way of perceiving patterns and shapes and then inherently combining those elements into new forms. The right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body’s motor functions.

ralph waldo emerson pic “There is a crack in everything God has made.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Ideally we develop well-balanced “lateralization” over the course of our lives. This enables us to call upon the specific brain function relative to the respective side of the brain to perform and experience associated tasks, and to ensure more fluid communication between the two sides of the brain as we mature and age through life.

When one understands and is consciously aware of lateralization, one naturally becomes more logically and creatively balanced. The results of which translate into everyday activities and situations that flow with more ease.

For example, when one practices the piano both sides of the brain are used to make the distinction between “sorting” musical notes with the left side of the brain, and “feeling” the emotion being literally interpreted by the right side of the brain. This example serves to understand how one could apply the development of lateralization to increased ambidexterity and left hand/right hand coordination, (being able to perform specific tasks equally with both sides of the brain, in unison, and independent of one another, which is carried out by the body).

Some activities that commonly call upon increased equanimity between left and right brain functions are:

  • Musicians – Pianists, drummers, guitarists, activities that require the use of both sides of the brain and body, etc.
  • Athletes – Baseball (switch hitting), Basketball (timely left-handed lay-ups), etc.
  • Any profession or activity you can imagine that requires the use of two hands, and increased productivity resulting from greater ambidexterity in left hand, right hand to eye coordination relative to left brain, right brain cross-communication, response time, and motor functions.

Many people tend to use one side of their brain more than the other, and have developed over the course of their life, (especially in youth), the preference of leaning to one side of the brain more often when accessing certain brain functions. Neuropsychologists sometimes refer to this as brain-dominance, hemisphericity, laterality, or handedness.

Brain dominance can be thought of as the tendency to “act and think” in the dominant state of either the left or right hemisphere of the brain more often than the other. This preference is influenced by our genes, early life experiences, and home life interactions with family members by way of witnessing others perform specific tasks. Brain dominance does not automatically make us completely “left-brained”, or “right-brained” as we have the ability and conscious awareness to “choose to access either side of the brain” at will… especially when we are conscious of these aspects of how the human brain functions. Developing the ability to do this at will and with more conscious intention, can assist us in developing either side of the brain in a more balanced way.

In general, most of us tend to continually access brain function that is most comfortable and familiar to us that we learned growing up, and still continue to depend on. Yet, this preference can also move towards complacency, insistent brain dominance, and even lead to distrusting the less dominant side of our brain, especially when dual aspects of self come face to face with another to “duel it out”. We all know what it feels like to feel confused, spun around, or in a state of overwhelm at times.

If we tend to use the left hemisphere more often, one might become frustrated by our right hemisphere’s tendency to drift off into a day dream when attempting to focus on seemingly simple tasks like balancing a checkbook. On the other hand, a right-hemisphere dominant person might consider his or her left hemisphere to be a “party-pooper” in spoiling all the fun of the day dream.

These same reflections can also be projected onto other people. For example, if we favor the right-brain, but the people we interact with at work or in public depend more on their left-brain, we are likely to view them as stodgy and fussy over details. If we favor the left-brain, we might view our right-brain counterparts as disorganized and “out to lunch” most of the time. Studies have shown that employers who are aware of this naturally occurring phenomenon, have learned that both types of personalities can be productive if their individual talents and traits are encouraged, and allowed to flourish relative to the brain dominance one favors (consciously or unconsciously).

psychologist author ken wilbur pic “All natural and healthy growth processes proceed by differentiation and integration… that is how nature creates higher unities and deeper integrations.” – Ken Wilber (1949- )

It is important and beneficial to continually seek ways to develop both hemispheres to achieve a greater equilibrium between the two independent, yet interdependent sides of the human brain–especially as we age through life. This is necessary because, as stated earlier, some functions require the left side of the brain, and others naturally call upon the right side of the brain, and amazingly the human brain possesses the potential to become more elastic, resilient, and flexible as we mature.

These neuro-physiological characteristics can also serve to improve memory retention and recall as our brains get older–what is that saying, “use it or lose it?” Our individual brain dominance stays the same — a right-sorted person does not all of a sudden become a left-sorted person — but we can enhance the fundamental skill sets of either half, so that the less dominant half of our brain will be more accessible when we need or want to use it, or when we simply want to remain balanced and focused.

One way we can enhance the non-dominant side of the brain (and in my opinion the most effective way), is through the use of brain-entrainment devices and neuro-technology like ParallaxMind™ Audio brain-wave technology–by slowing and gradually guiding to re-balance electrical fluctuations of specific brain wave patterns in the brain when in the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave states.

We can leverage and utilize this practice for the purpose of attaining what neuro-scientists call whole-brain functioning and hemispheric synchronization, balancing the two sides of the brain, (what I believe to be a major catalyst for accelerated mind development, expansion, and awareness), and we can also develop lateralized brain functions by observing the following points:

  • By becoming more aware of the two distinct independent, yet interdependent functions of the two sides of our brain.
  • We can become more aware to develop this interaction between the two sides of our brain, we can do activities which usually call for one side of our brain, and then switch to an activity which uses the other side (like when a batter switch hits in baseball), and learn to observe this perceived “felt-shift” in the mind and body. When we learn what the shift feels like, we can use this sense impression to willfully call upon this new found “resource state” of mind at our leisure.
  • We can practice remedial daily tasks like switching one’s computer mouse to the opposite hand that we’re accustomed to using, we can approach work as play being mindful of the ways our states of mind adapt accordingly.
  • Become more mindful of how each side of the brain is engaging when performing specific tasks, and compensate with the use of the other side of our brains and bodies as a means of practicing the “counterpart” to our natural brain dominance patterns and preferences… as simple as brushing your teeth with your non-sorted hand.
  • We can become aware of how leaning to one side of the brain more than the other in thought can become exhaustive or even harmful to our states of mind and overall well-being, for example when one is feeling stressed, frustrated, or cynical which generally means a pull into the left side of the analytical auspices of the brain and the left brain’s attempt to “filter out” information overload or environmental stimulus that we perceive as causing us stress and coming from outside of us… (depression is really a mechanism we use to “dim the lights” on sensory input, i.e.. the pupils of our eyes get really small to let less light in when we get “depressed”).
  • We can also learn to observe others with greater objectivity, how they may be left or right brain sorted, and how this information can be used to enhance communication, especially in the work place and when developing interpersonal relationships. – by Lewi Glenis – Creative Director

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