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Springfield, IL
Monday morning, 11:21 a.m.

Dear friend,

what you are about to learn in the following document will make you more confident, more at peace, more connected to the world and with your inner-self, more resilient to emotional discomfort and stress, more rock-solid and inner-balanced, more successful in your personal goals, and much more enthusiastic about living life as a whole. I guarantee our proprietary ParallaxMind™ audio technology will accelerate your personal growth well beyond what I can possibly describe in the contents of this letter, and truly offer you an effective approach to your own evolution.

Believe me, if I could offer you all the information necessary to fully grasp the powerful effects of what this amazing mind development tool can do for you with words alone, I would explain it in just a few short paragraphs.

Yet I can't emphasize enough how reading this entire article could result in a major life changing event for you- and is of great value considering the short amount of time it will take to read on.

All right, let's begin.

Imagine tapping into a very powerful yet very safe, carefully engineered audio technology, that transports you into a virtual realm of ultra-deep meditation, so effective and instantly begins to produce accelerated positive change and personal growth...on the very deepest levels of how your autonomic nervous system is currently structured...

...and every level of your outer world!

Just after the turn of the millennium, I discovered an amazing audio brain entrainment technology introduced to the public mainstream in 1973 by neurology researcher Dr. Gerald Oster of the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. From his fascinating article Auditory Beats in the Brain, published in the October 1973 issue of Scientific American, I learned that by embedding this "neuro-technology" under relaxing music, the listener can experience an array of incredible mind-altering results and benefits when listened to with stereo-headphones.

The above statements lead to the exact results you will get by pushing a single button on your CD or MP3 player each day- and leveraging the power of Parallax® audio technology to positively restructure your nervous system to:

  • Access the deeper brain wave states of your mind through ultra-deep meditation...
  • Literally melt away stress overnight...
  • Safely and naturally influence the release of pleasing and beneficial neuro-chemicals in the brain, including HGH...
  • Turn back the clock on aging to boost vitality and longevity...
  • Sky-rocket your creativity, enhance your learning ability, memory retention, mental focus and clarity...
  • Become more "psychically aware" while boosting your intuition and inner balance...
  • Naturally increase your "body awareness" to prevent sickness and disease...
  • Achieve ultra states of self-awareness by correcting what researchers refer to as lateralization or hemisphericity of the brain safely and naturally...
  • Heighten your sense of inter-connectedness and connectedness with the world around you...
  • Sleep less while retaining the energy to function at your peak performance each day- without the need for more sleep (what I call "delta wave regeneration")...
  • Increase your resiliency to whatever the world brings to you with absolute confidence, remain more balanced, calm, relaxed, while relating better to other people... (you will be much more capable of handling anything that comes at you)...
  • Take on bigger and more rewarding projects, take greater risks in your career without unwanted fear and anxiety, while allowing good things to come your way- with less effort...
  • Identify and let go of unwanted feelings and behaviors that impose self-defeating limitations like fear, anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity and drama- much of which may have resisted change using other self-help methods...

Is all this really possible?

Absolutely! I'm living proof that this technology really works and I'm confident it will greatly exceed your expectations. I'll tell you more about my story later on. But first, let's take a look at how brain waves function in the brain and how they directly influence every aspect of your daily life...

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Lori Nightingale

Suquamish, WA

I am so happy I have had the opportunity to use the program...

Lewi, I cannot begin to tell you the blessings I have received from the daily practice of the PMGMS audio recordings. Your program has brought me to a place where I have made meditation and prayer part of my daily routine. I am quite amazed at the results, and am so happy I've had the opportunity to use the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System. Thanks so much!"

Brain Waves In Action

For every second of every day nerve endings in your brain fire electrical charges that cycle in rhythmic patterns that are very distinct in nature. Neuroscientists call these electrical fluctuations- "brain wave patterns". These brain wave patterns are directly linked to influencing your every thought, emotion, mood, and the autonomic functions of your nervous system. In actuality, brain waves influence...

...the very essence and quality of your life's reality!

More than likely as you read this letter, the brain wave state you are in is the first level called the beta wave. There are three deeper brain wave states that follow the beta wave state. The second is alpha, the third theta, and the deepest level delta. Here is a general summary of the four brain wave states and how they influence the functions of your brain:

Benefits Of Entraining Your Brainwaves To Beta Frequencies: β
Range: 13 – 40Hz (Cycles per 1.0 second)

beta brainwaves graphic chart
While you entrain your brain with ParallaxMind targeting the higher Beta brainwaves, the human brain is in a full waking state of consciousness, the state you are in right now as you are reading this. Though the higher Beta range of brainwave patterns offer us wakened states of alertness, concentration, and cognition, it can also signify what is known as fight or flight response, and higher states of stress induced reactions when remaining in this heightened state of brainwave patterns. Higher levels of Beta can quickly regress into anxiety followed by depression, when we fail to slow our minds down for quality periods of time each day. Exiting this state can be thought of as entering into relaxation and personal reflection.

Beta is a brainwave state that activates:

  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Cognition
  • Analysis and organization of informationn
  • High stress levels

Neuro-chemicals released by the brain in the Beta states range:

Somatostatin (Ach)

  • Inhibits the secretion of other hormones
  • Decreases the production of growth hormone
  • Inhibits the function of the right side of the brain
  • High levels may cause emotional instability
  • Decreases the rate of nutrient absorption during digestion
  • Impairment of motor responses
  • Inhibits the secretion of insulin and glucagon


  • Decreases the production of growth hormone
  • Increases cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Effects the flight-or-fight response, activating the sympathetic nervous system to directly increase heart rate
  • High levels of noradrenalin cause: 1) Sleeplessness 2) Loss of appetite

Benefits Of Entraining Your Brainwaves To Alpha Frequencies: α
Range: 7 – 13.9Hz (Cycles per 1.0 second)

alpha brainwaves graphic chart
While you entrain your brain with ParallaxMind targeting the lower Alpha brainwaves, the human brain releases neuro-chemicals called catecholemines when entering this effectual range of brainwave patterns. This process offers the added benefit of increasing our ability to learn and retain memory at accelerated rates while studying, reading, etc., when entraining the brain in these enhanced learning states. Alpha is also associated with the first stages of twilight sleep, and is effective for entering deep states of relaxation to reduce stress. Entering this state can be thought of as taking a rejuvenating power nap when meditating with the PMGMS.

Alpha is a brainwave state that activates:

  • Deep levels of relaxation essential to health and well-being
  • Stress relief
  • Visualization
  • Creativity
  • Concentration
  • Problem solving
  • Creative visualization
  • Intuition
  • Heightened awareness and perception
  • Emotional balance
  • Deeper states of consciousness
  • Sleep induction
  • Improved immunity
  • Pulse and breath rate modification
  • The bridge between consciousness and the Schuman Resonance─the resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field

Neuro-chemicals released by the brain in the Alpha states range:

Acetylcholine (Ach)

  • A neurotransmitter
  • Growth hormone
  • Decreases cholesterol
  • Decreases blood pressure levels
  • Regulates the secretion of pheromones
  • Helps relieve anoxemia (insufficient oxygen supply to the blood)
  • A deficiency of acetylcholine is associated with Alzheimer’s disease


  • A neurohormone and neurotransmitter
  • Increases heart proficiency
  • Increases renal (kidney) blood flow
  • Improves emotional states of mind
  • Important in Parkinson’s disease
  • Important in its relationship to psychosis
  • Important for improving depression
  • Associated with pleasure producing centers in the brain and motivation

Benefits Of Entraining Your Brainwaves To Theta Frequencies: θ
Range: 4 – 7.9Hz (Cycles per 1.0 second)

theta brainwaves graphic chart
Neurolinguistic Practitioners and hypnotherapists emphasize your subconscious mind is very receptive in the Theta brainwave state, and can be tapped into to accomplish extraordinary transformative work. In the Theta states, the brain produces even more catecholemines during entrainment which play an essential role for increased learning, and using more of your whole-brain capacity. Especially when it comes to gaining more self-awareness to overcome life limiting behavior patterns, and for accelerating the learning process neuro-researchers have termed “super learning”.

Theta is a brainwave state that also activates:

  • Deep states of meditation
  • Intuition
  • Enhanced memory
  • Heightened receptivity
  • Enhanced creativity
  • “Ah-ha!” moments or ‘suddenly getting it’ are a burst of theta waves
  • Vivid dreamlike imagery
  • Inspiration
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Mind expansion beyond the confines of the body
  • Behavior modification
  • Supplemental treatment for drug and alcohol withdrawal
  • Super-learning, allows faster uptake of information
  • Mind reprogramming
  • Dream recall and lucid dreaming
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Stress reduction
  • Extrasensory perception or ESP
  • Production of new brain cells including neurons
  • Improved memory to prevent degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s

Benefits Of Entraining Your Brainwaves To Delta Frequencies: ∆
Range: 0.1 – 4Hz (Cycles per 1.0 second)

delta brainwaves graphic chart
Delta brain waves are the slowest of all human brainwave frequencies required for healthy restorative sleep cycles. The Delta brainwaves entrained in the PMGMS™ are associated with the deepest levels of dreamless sleep and translate exceptionally well for ultra-deep meditation, and can be used to enter thoughtless awareness states of mind like in Sahaja Yoga. ParallaxMind™ audio is engineered in such a way to eliminate overwhelm and catharsis sometimes associated with entraining at the Delta level. Entraining the brain in the Delta state is highly beneficial, as the body naturally regenerates by producing essential hormones such as DHEA, melatonin, and Human Growth Hormone also known as HGH when entering Delta states during normal sleep cycles. DHEA levels in the body begin to decrease after the age of 30. It is important to note, DHEA is vital to combatting the stress causing hormone cortisol that can accelerate aging.

Delta is a brainwave state that further activates:

  • Detached awareness
  • Samadhi states of deep thoughtless meditation
  • Deep regenerative sleep like states in Delta
  • Suspension of active brain function, to allow us to rest completely
  • Accelerated healing and bio-field regeneration
  • Turning back the clock on aging through production of DHEA
  • DHEA which counters the effects of the stress causing hormone cortisol
  • Access to subconscious activity for emotional reconciliation of trauma
  • Flow of information from the subconscious mind for clearing and empowerment
  • Release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other pleasurable neuro-chemicals

When we are awake, we go about our daily activities in our normal waking consciousness of the Beta wave state. When our brains are in the highest realms of the beta wave state however, we experience anxiety, adrenaline surges, fight or flight, confusion, chaos, all of which can lead to sickness and less than desired mental and physical health. It is from this understanding that researchers have learned that the ability to slow one's state of mind down, (from these high levels), is emphatically beneficial to the nervous system and our overall well-being.

The ability to study, analyze, and access huge archives of information stored in the brain, while in the Alpha and Theta brain wave states, is called super-learning.

A few good examples of when you are in the Alpha state is when you are engrossed in a novel, mesmerized by a good movie, or studying for an exam.

While in the Theta realm we experience dreaming sleep, our creativity soars, we are more receptive to super-learning and memory recall is increased. It is important to note that while in the Theta brain wave state, the human mind can make quantum leaps in positive change by becoming ultimately self-aware in how we view ourselves, the world around us, and life's circumstances.

It is in the Theta brain wave state that you experience stellar bursts of creativity, discover great ideas, and when solutions to problems that once eluded you suddenly "click" and make sense.

You may have imagined by now that if you could place yourself in the Theta brain wave state at will you could... your personal growth!

Here's another fascinating effect of how accessing the Theta state can accelerate positive change in your life: Richard Corvino M.A., a renown clinical hypnotherapist and master Neuro-Linguistic practitioner and director of the Wesland Institute, has stated that bypassing filters of the conscious mind is essential in creating life changing results in the unconscious mind- which is where our early life experiences are stored. And, creating permanent positive change is much more effective when accessing the Theta brain wave state. Here is where quantum leaps in personal growth are accomplished to change limiting beliefs and behavior patterns most effectively.

...imagine the potential of this!

And most importantly, when you spend time in the Theta realm, you can literally feel stress melt away as a result of the brain producing and releasing pleasurable neuro-chemicals when in the Theta state.

And there is an even slower brain wave state known as Delta. The "Delta zone" is where we experience deep sleep without dreams. Neuroscientists Hobson and McCarley, report that while in the Delta brain wave state our brains remain highly active, our unconscious minds are ultra receptive, and it is possible to experience this deep meditative, meta-timeless state while wide awake. The benefits of which are vast...

While in the "Delta zone" the brain produces a neuro-chemical called dopamine which is required for proper and normal levels of wakefulness, alertness, and restful sleep. That is why the most effective medications for narcolepsy sleepiness and insomnia all function to increase dopamine levels. It is not just dopamine alone since the brain is not that simple, but adequate dopamine levels are required to maintain restful sleep.

Yet, deficient dopamine production in the brain can have adverse effects on our overall state of health.

So how and when does a deficiency of neuro-chemicals
produced by the brain become harmful to one's well-being?

Our bodies respond to emotional stress exactly the same way we respond to physical danger or stress. This chemical reaction to stress is a process that has evolved over millions of years, and is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system.

Two main neuro-chemicals, called adrenaline and dopamine, which power the "fight or flight" response, can do great damage to your internal organs when you experience excessive daily stress over time- especially the heart.

At this point, there is an attempt to restore the body's equilibrium by the parasympathetic nervous system. Yet, the constant stress the brain/body endure without restoring equilibrium can result in overwhelm of the system... and the system begins to "shut down".

What happens when my brain uses up these
neuro-chemicals more quickly due to stress?

When the brain has to work harder to produce these neuro-chemicals such as regulating dopamine levels, or when different chemical levels decrease or increase, we experience feelings such as anger, fear, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, and insecurity. Not to mention the constant release and over compensation of adrenaline, which can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and dozens of other illnesses. (Over 75% of all medical conditions are directly related to daily stress.)

When you help balance the body/brain connection, paying close attention to assisting the brain in re-balancing itself, you improve your overall state of well-being automatically.

Meditating deeply in the Delta brain wave state can safely and naturally serve as a healthy alternative to balancing the production of dopamine in the brain. This also serves as a safe alternative to aquiring normal sleep by replacing 2-3 hours of actual sleep each night. Though we recommend getting an adequate amount of sleep, sometimes your time is limited, and sometimes the onset of sleep disorders can add to the mix.

When you are able to access the Delta brain wave by simulating this deeper brain wave while still awake, you can still feel vibrant and rejuvenated while your brain naturally produces dopamine among other pleasurable neuro-chemicals such as endorphines. The release of these pleasurable neuro-chemicals is a natural process that is triggered automatically when we access the Delta brain wave state through sleep, meditation, or by inducing the Delta brain wave state through brain entrainment neuro-technology, biofeedback and guided meditation technology.

In addition to the previous examples, accessing the deeper brain wave states through meditation science daily, creates an optimum playing field for your autonomic nervous system, which can produce a powerful and accelerated evolution in the brain.

In discovery of these findings and our own research, Solexus Health Systems has pioneered an incredibly effective mind development tool called ParallaxMind™ audio technology, which is embedded under relaxing music and ambient sound environments. Our proprietary ParallaxMind audio technology is the driving force that functions at the core of our ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System... "the lazy man's guide to enlightenment!"

ParallaxMind audio technology is so effective and automatic, that many people refer to it as "easy meditation". Essentially, this neuro-technology does the meditation for you, virtually eliminating the need for you to focus over and over to quiet your mind, or use excessive energy to concentrate while you're in your creative order to gain the desired results of traditional meditation alone...

Hence the term "Guided Meditation System".

Very often, people who have the intention to master meditation, soon give up because they struggle with the discipline of balancing the amount of time it takes to master the discipline traditionally over many years (as many as 20), with the actual benefits they experience because the process takes such a long time to produce the desired results they seek.

No longer do you have to struggle with traditional forms of meditation or practice for a lifetime thanks to a mountain of research and breakthroughs in neuroscience. We designed our proprietary ParallaxMind audio technology to guide you into ultra-deep brain wave and meditative states instantly and effortlessly- while you sit back and reap all the rewards meditating deeply can give you such as, ultra-deep relaxation, stress reduction, increased receptivity and awareness, super-learning, and what scientists call whole-brain functioning.

But listening to ParallaxMind audio technology provides much more
than instant meditation and relaxation, or increased mental focus...

How ParallaxMind Audio Technology Works

Essentially, what listening to ParallaxMind audio technology with stereo headphones is designed to do is gently guide the listener into the deeper brain wave states- while stimulating the nervous system in a very specific way- to entrain the brain and nervous system- pushing it to evolve to higher levels of peak performance. An analogy would be to consider how a body builder pushes their body to grow bigger and become stronger through weight training.

The results of entraining the brain with neuro-technology creates new nerve connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Which in turn, produces more fluid interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain resulting in what is called hemispheric synchronization or brain synchronization.

In his groundbreaking book, Mega Brain Power, Michael Hutchison summarizes this revolution in neuroscience as follows...

"New breakthroughs in neuroscience and microelectronics have permitted scientists to 'map' the electrical and chemical activity of the brain in action. Scientists have used the new technology to monitor the brains of those meditators, artists, and other rare individuals who are able to enter peak domains at will and to map their brain activity during those peak states."

[Sidenote: imagine being able to simulate and access the brain wave states of innovators like Einstein, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, etc. at will... when they were "in the zone!"]

Back to Hutchison...

"Their first findings were that those peak states are not mysterious and unpredictable phenomena, but are very clearly linked to very specific patterns of brain activity. These include dramatic changes in brain wave activity, hemispheric symmetry, and rapid alterations in the levels of various neuro-chemicals. If we could learn to produce these patterns of brain activity, they reasoned, we should be able to produce the peak states they are associated with.

They found that by using types of mechanical stimulation, such as... precise combinations of pulsating sound waves... they could actually produce those same 'peak state' brain patterns in ordinary people."

Until now ordinary people struggled to achieve the same desired states of those who were "born with" certain innate abilities...

...but not anymore!

These findings may seem overly simplistic on the surface. The point here is that this process of accelerating peak performance and mind development with the use of brain wave science is just that... simple, safe, and effective! For those who use neuro-technology, the improvements in their daily lives are very real, and it quickly becomes clear that these dramatic improvements continue happening on a daily basis.

When you listen to Parallax, you will quite literally witness a dramatic "shift" in your ability to think with razor sharp clarity, accelerate learning and memory retention, remain "in the zone", focus effortlessly for longer periods of time, discover solutions to difficult problems, and sky-rocket your creativity through the roof!

If you're anything like me, the fact that listening to a little known audio technology each day on a CD can accelerate your mental functions in this way is, I'm sure you can appreciate... really astounding. But what's even more beneficial is how ParallaxMind influences positive change for your emotional well-being.

How does ParallaxMind technology influence mind development to promote positive and permanent changes in your overall mental health and emotional well-being? Even if life limiting behavior patterns have stubbornly resisted change with other self-help methods?

It's simple...

Gaining the ability to instantly bypass the conscious (critical/analytical) mind, and access the unconscious (emotional/imaginary) mind is not only necessary to create positive change, but easily attainable when listening to ParallaxMind technology for a short time each day. As the stimulus we give your nervous system "builds" upon itself when using the system, the brain evolves to a higher level of functioning- safely, naturally, and automatically. Each time your brain approaches a state of peak experience, in response to listening to our ParallaxMind technology and the increasing stimulus...

...fragments of the eluding psychological and emotional programming hidden in the unconscious mind are forced into "the light of day", and revealed to your conscious awareness to be processed.

Over time as you develop the "witness posture" to what is happening under the surface of your conscious mind, you uncannily develop the ability to process this information by your intuitive nature as a more complete picture of your early life programming comes into view. This innate ability is instilled in us by nature as a survival mechanism to allow us to evolve naturally due to early life sensitization and trauma. And, to allow us to resolve dysfunctional feelings that impose self-limiting thoughts and behaviors as we evolve through life...

...As your whole mind becomes aware of the unresourceful material that surfaces from your subconscious mind, the stubborn emotional material that once eluded you with other self-help methods... effortlessly fades away!

Wouldn't you like to be able to make quantum leaps in your personal growth, and once and for all, learn to process the unresolved material that has been limiting you in your life and keeping you back from accomplishing your goals automatically? In other words, with the least amount of effort possible?

Of course you would, who wouldn't?

Participants using this powerful mind development tool report that on average of betwen 12-24 months, they're able to process and let go of deep core issues they weren't even aware of before they began using ParallaxMind technology. Many report of resolving all, that's right, all of their deep core issues which they previously thought would amount to an entire lifetime of personal growth work to resolve or even identify. And, to this day are amazed to discover even deeper changes that had once eluded them.... it's all about personal evolution

Let me share with you an actual case study -- my own story...

Like you, I've been seeking to find a self-help solution that really works for years. Something that would help me find my way through the personal growth maze and create lasting positive change in my life. At times, I found things that worked for a while, but (until I discovered what has now become ParallaxMind technology) the other things I tried eventually fizzled out after a short stint of progress.

When I was first introduced to a similar neuro-technology to that which we have greatly improved upon in the ParallaxMind guided meditation system - my quality of life was definitely less than desired.

Back then, I was very motivated to improve my lifestyle. As I set out on my journey of self-discovery, I was determined to create the life I wanted and stay on course at all costs. I read dozens of self-help books, dabbled in meta-physics, tai chi, Yoga, practiced traditional meditation for years, experimented with martial arts, herbs, hypnotherapy, NLP, and a myriad of other mind/body healing practices.

To say the least, over the next 5 years I would make great strides in my personal growth and development. This is not to say that all of the above practices didn't help me grow and evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They had a lot. But like you, I'd been seeking all my life to find a solution that really works and simplifies the evolutionary process. Something that would help me put all the pieces of my personal growth puzzle together and once and for all, deliver me to a place of permanent positive change. Yet, I was continually dissatisfied just "snailing" along.

Anyone who has seriously pursued personal growth work understands exactly what I'm talking about. I'm sure you have a few stories of your own to tell.

And then, like a meteor falling from the sky and hitting me in the head...

...I discovered brain-entrainment technology.

The first time I ever meditated with neurotechnology was all it took for me to become convinced. Why? Because never before in my life did I ever feel so at peace, deeply relaxed, effortlessly focused, inter-connected.

And these sensations stayed with me for days!

I knew I had finally found what I was looking for!

And this was nothing like the traditional meditation I'd practiced before. This was instant gratification- without the tedious struggle to focus over and over to achieve very little given all of the work I'd dedicated to my daily practice. I mean, I've studied with some pretty heavy duty gurus man. I was ecstatic about the potential of what I had found.

Given my new found passion, my 34+ year background as a recording artist and audio engineer, my 18 years of clinical research in the fields of neuroscience, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming, I realized I possessed the capability, knowledge, and wisdom to produce this revolutionary neuro-technology for private use. In doing so, I pioneered some fascinating advancements from the earlier samples I had first experienced and evolved with.

The more I meditated with these new soundtracks, the more incredible emotional and quantum shifts occurred in my brain chemistry. I experienced periods of emotional upheaval and release, followed by states of bliss and emotional resolve- again and again.

I witnessed the whirling of my heart chakra in my chest, it resembled bicycle spokes spiraling in sunlight. I experienced profound moments of remote viewing - Many vivid and lucid visions and dreams - Physical shifts throughout my body - Pleasing neuro-chemicals washing through as if cleansing my brain - Energy waves passing through my body - Increased psychic awareness and deep intuition - Blissful moments of compassion and acceptance of humanity... I was in awe of these mind-altering effects... and very enthusiastic!

And most importantly, without any clue to what was happening, I experienced dramatic breakthroughs as a result. Moments of self-discovery that I only dreamed about before (moments of self-discovery you may be seeking as well) and...

...accelerated, quantum change found it's way into every aspect of my life!

I was transported between sensational experiences and the resolution of deep core emotional issues. At times I would peak and level off where I wondered if there was any more to follow. And as soon as I thought I had reached my peak, the whole cycle would begin again and even more incredible evolution would happen.

There were times when I wondered if I would be able to handle letting go of my early life programming and limitations. Yet, as a result of the ultra-awareness and tranquility that supported each Parallax (quantum shift), I now realize I wouldn't trade any of those experiences for anything in the world (as you will experience for yourself). And following each quantum leap, I viewed the world as if through a baby's eyes - for the first time...

...with amazing clarity and curiosity!

And this all appeared to happen by default. As if my brain were naturally rewired, (restored to a natural state before my early life programming), so I could gain a new lease on life- seeing aspects of myself in ways I never had the opportunity to realize before. Like clockwork, I became very enthusiastic about meditating each day so I could discover what awaited me around the next corner.

As a result, my thought patterns began to change. I started to thinking and acting like a highly motivated, creative, and productive person. Events in my life began to flow more easily. To my amazement, my IQ shot through the roof. I focused better, became more psychically aware, and my creativity sky-rocketed. I found myself finishing more of the projects that I started without procrastination. I became more decisive with my actions with razor sharp precision. My problem solving skills improved- and it all felt so comfortable with very little effort.

In my search to understand "why" I was experiencing these peak states of functioning, I came across the writings of the renown psychologist Abraham Maslow Ph.D., of how human beings come into their "peak experience" of higher consciousness.

Peak experiences are those moments during which we feel the highest levels of happiness, harmony, and possibility from which we experience a quantum shift of self-awareness and self-actualization. They range in degree from intensification of everyday pleasure, to 'supernatural' episodes of enhanced consciousness which feel very distinct from, and superior to normal everyday experience.

The phenomena of peak experiences described what I was experiencing to the 9's, and eventually became a significant part of the work we perform here at Solexus Health Systems- and the basis as to why...

...this guided meditation system will accelerate your personal
growth way beyond other methods you may have tried.

In addition, I carefully researched the history of the neuro-technology field- which revealed that using sound to simulate the deeper brain wave states had been documented by researcher Dr. Gerald Oster at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. And how researchers at the Menninger clinic in the early 1970s, monitored the brain wave activity of Yogi masters from the east to determine that brain entrainment technology could produce the same profoundly deep levels of meditation instantly...

...for anybody who uses it!

From my research and my own experience, I discovered why we as human beings continuously evolve and how the brain adapts to new change in constant search of peak experiences. All the while, increasing the pace of evolutionary change in my life which became more and more effortless.

All the revolutionary data, resulting from my own tried and true self-discoveries, I've compiled together to form the support system included with the program should you take me up on the completely risk-free offer I'm going to make you can witness these same personal revelations for yourself.

Click here to learn how you can test-drive PMGMS Level 1, "risk-free" for one full year...

I was just so amazed at the results I was getting and how my life was transforming... How anxiety, fear, anger, (you name it) that I'd been lugging around with me since I was a child just drifted away. I began to feel much closer to people and sensed their desire and curiosity about me. My confidence went through the roof. I experienced more clarity and peace of mind. I began to see how I was the creator of my own world and how certain limiting beliefs I had were keeping me from the life I really wanted.

My creativity soared! I composed, recorded, and produced three solo albums. I ran two successful businesses. I pursued and completed my higher education. It's as if, I gave instructions to my mind to create what I wanted and it was drawn to me. I had rose fathoms from where I once was.

And everyday with sincere motivation, I would delve deep in meditation, looking forward to the renewed states of oneness I experienced with my ParallaxMind guided meditation soundtracks.

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Kristin F.

London, England

I just wasn't expecting any real tangible change with this meditation...

I've listened to the "Twilight Wind" soundtrack the past couple of weeks. I am sleeping better, best of all the last 3 nights. And I am dreaming more and remembering the dreams more. The symbolism in my dreams are revealing some existing habits, fears, attitudes, behaviors that are resisting some sort of change. Quelle surprise, considering your documentation mentions this possibility. I must admit I just wasn't expecting any real tangible change with this meditation. Especially so soon, but my dreams tell me different!"

And the wonderful gifts that were presenting themselves to me in my outer world were just the icing on the cake. The real transformations and dramatic results I experienced happened within which is where I really wanted them to happen. And for once in my life I was experiencing prolonged periods of happiness and you guessed it...

...for the first time in a long time I was joyful!

And I owe it all to the powerful properties of a little known - but highly effective - neurotechnology placed on a standard compact disc!

Of course problems and challenges still arise- that's just a part of life. But now I have the necessary life skills to tackle whatever comes my way... and, I'm constantly learning at an accelerated pace. (Actually, I'm amazed at how fluid and effortless my life is now.)

I was so impressed with the results I'd obtained with this scientific wonder, that I organized all the knowledge and experience I'd gained into a simple and comprehensive program that I could make available to others, for very little cost, and from my humble beginnings Solexus Health Systems came alive.

Did I mention this technology is spreading like wildfire?

It's true! People all over the world are taking advantage of this
popular brain-entrainment technology, and are reporting
very similar results to the profound changes I made!

I've been through a lot and have come far over the years. I experienced what I know deep in my heart to be the most profound life changing experiences I've ever had. And I'm grateful I gained access to the tools, skills, and applying this technology to help me through those times. This is how and why I know this personal evolution takes place.

After years of trial and error, and living through all the feedback (I don't believe in using the word failure) and successes I gained - I've completely refined what I sincerely feel is the most effective personal growth tool on the planet ever devised - so you too can take the opportunity to benefit from all the accelerated positive change you can expect from using your own customized version of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System... assured that the world class follow-up and support system we
have in place will be there for you as you evolve through the program.

But first, before I share with you our rock-solid offer and zero-risk guarantee, I'd like to give you some more insight into what some world-reknown scientists have discovered about this amazing technology - and how you can even use ParallaxMind audio technology to turn back the clock on biological aging.

Or, if you're ready to test-drive PMGMS Level 1, "risk-free" for one full year, click here now...

Do you recall the information you read earlier about the release of beneficial neuro-chemicals produced by the brain, such as human growth hormone (HGH), when meditating in the deeper Theta and Delta brain wave states? Well in 1990, researchers at the University of Wisconsin reported to the mainstream public, that when they supplemented a focus group of aging men between the ages of 60-80 with manufactured HGH...

...the supplement had turned back the biological
clock for these men as much as 20 years!

When these synthetic supplements were discontinued however the benefits faded away. Not to mention synthetic growth hormone injections can cost up to $15,000/year.

The good news is that meditating with our proprietary ParallaxMind technology each day can foster the production of these same beneficial neuro-chemicals efficiently, safely, and naturally.

And that's not all:

Researcher Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., with Longevity Institute International, and the former president of American Board of Anti-Aging discovered that brain entrainment technology enhances the creation of three major hormones associated with long-life, stress reduction, and improved overall health. The three hormones are cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Dr. Giampapa conducted this study in association with researchers at Centerpointe Research Institute (CRI) in Beaverton, Oregon.

Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands of the body that has a number of important functions, such as the regulation of blood pressure and cardiovascular function as well as regulation of the body's use of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Constant daily stress can trigger cortisol levels to rise and remain much too high over healthy levels, leading to adverse changes in metabolism such as decreased metabolic rate. And you know what that means... "weight gain!"

As documented by Dr. Giampapa and CRI, cortisol is a prominent age-accelerating hormone as well. It is also linked to memory loss, and is a major culprit in negatively effecting your overall state of health.

In essence, the higher cortisol levels are in your body, the more stressed you are... and the more prone to life threatening disease you are.

High levels of cortisol have also been linked to rapid weight gain and the storage of excess body fat. When one learns how to regulate the production of these anti-aging and stress causing hormones like cortisol in the body, sympathetic symptoms like excessive weight gain falls proportionally.

With proper diet, exercise, and stress management techniques, cortisol levels can be regulated and the negative effects of high levels of cortisol in the body can be reversed. To date, no significant data for herbal remedies, botanical preparations, or dietary supplements of any type have been documented scientifically as capable of reducing cortisol levels or blocking its effects except in the case of the application of neurotechnology as documented by Dr. Giampapa and CRI.

DHEA is another hormone manufactured by your adrenal glands. DHEA is a fundamental component for a significant number of vital hormones your body needs to sustain itself effectively. The level of DHEA in your body has a direct link to physical aging and assisting the body in defending itself against disease.

When DHEA levels in your body are too low, your system is more prone to disease. On the other hand when DHEA levels are optimal, your body is protected and less prone to life threatening disease.

The DHEA hormone is like a defense mechanism your adrenal glands produce to shield itself against unwanted stress hormones like cortisol. When we age our bodies produce less and less DHEA which leaves us vunerable to high levels of stress and sickness.

Why is DHEA so vital?

As reported in the New England Journal of Medicine December 11, 1986:

A 100 mcg/dcl boost in DHEA levels in the blood correlates to a 48% cut in fatalities related to heart disease - and a 36% cut in fatalities...

...whatever the case!

Healthy DHEA levels in the body are crucial!

The last hormone Dr. Giampapa documented in his study was melatonin. As we get older we also produce less and less melatonin. Melatonin is a popular supplement taken by some people who suffer with sleep disorders, or can be taken as a sleep aid to help sleep deprived people fall asleep faster.

Neuroscientist Frank A.J.L. Scheer, Ph.D., at Brigham and Women's Hospital and at Harvard Medical School's division of sleep medicine, states that melatonin's influence on blood pressure appears to be related to regulating the body's biological clock. Melatonin may one day be an addition to traditional high blood pressure treatments, according to his report in the January 1, 2004 issue of Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association.

New research also shows that melatonin can be used as a potent anti-oxidant agent to stave off harmful free-radicals in the body that can accelerate the early aging of cells.

According to Dr. Giampapa and CRI in their study of 19 people who listened to brain-entrainment technology... the proceeding information was documented on how neurotechnology effects the production of cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin in the body:

  • DHEA levels increased by 43.77% in 68% of subjects in 3 days. With positive increases in DHEA levels as much as 90%!
  • Their was a significant reduction in cortisol levels in 68% of people on average of 46.47%, with reductions as low as 80% for some people!
  • Levels of melatonin positively shot up a whopping 97.77% for more than 73% of subjects! With some people coming in at 100, 200, and a staggering 300%!

The significance of this is that meditating deeply with neuro-technology can dramatically reduce stress by managing the hormonal origins of stress. In addition, it signifies that neuro-technology turns back the clock on aging plus...

...boosts your over-all health and dramatically promotes long life!

Oh, and did I mention that you'll be listening to major improvements over the soundtracks used in the CRI study? In our ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System, we've pioneered and implemented many advancements in the neuro-technology field - advancements like "dual layer binaural beat processing", and "musical like" transitions between the brainwave states and stages which safely stabilizes the amplitude of the ParallaxMind audio stimulus, while minimizing listening fatigue and remaining gentle on your hearing and brain, plus maintains waveform integrity of the soundtracks which minimizes sonic "noise and flutter". No one else in the neuro-technology field is doing this, and since you'll be listening to your ParallaxMind soundtracks almost everyday... this tid bit of information is good to know!

Just how amazing is this? Since I began using the ParallaxMind technology used in PMGMS Level 1, I've personally witnessed a literal transformation in my body's chemistry and have never felt more youthful, energized, and alive as do many people who report using this technology to dramatically improve the quality of their lives... As a matter of fact, I would stake my life on the claim that neuro-technology and biofeedback are responsible for the acceleration of my recovery during my second open-heart surgery. I was literally back on my feet and functioning normally in less than 5 weeks... Now we understand why!

And did I mention that I've had to increase my appetite to maintain my desired body weight? It's much easier to be aware of and maintain my desired body weight and self-image now.

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Teresa Chan

Arizona, USA

I recommend the PMGMS to anyone who is on the journey to enlightenment...

I love the PMGMS method meditation. I did not realize how powerful it is until I started to listen to it a few months ago. I still listen to it everyday. My body becomes lighter and lighter as if I am the SUN; I am the light. The music activates the DNA of my cells. It is very powerful. The PMGMS method guided meditation has out performed all the other meditation music programs and exercises I've purchased in the past. I recommend the PMGMS to anyone who is on the journey to enlightenment. God Bless to all! Thank you Lewi. Bless with love and light,"

According to the kinds of success I've witnessed people have as a result of using brain entrainment neuro-technology on audio soundtracks, I'm confident that we'll learn how listening to ParallaxMind influences the production of a multitude of many important chemicals in the brain connected to stress reduction, whole-brain functioning, increased body awareness, and overall optimum health. As you read this, we're in the process of researching these findings even further.

"All right, I want to order PMGMS Level 1 now..."

The Moment Of Truth

So at last we come to the moment of truth. I'm going to share with you what I feel is the most relevant aspect to how your participation with the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System can dramatically change the way you reflect yourself and the outside world, improve states of happiness and tranquility, and give you the tools to greatly improve your own Einstein-like brilliance!

Introducing hemispheric synchronization...and how it can completely transform your quality of life!

Exactly what is hemispheric synchronization?

As you listen to ParallaxMind technology, your brain waves are smoothly and progressively slowed down through the beta, alpha, theta, and finally the delta brain wave states. As you do this, the brain wave fluctuations between the left and right hemispheres of your brain widen and balance out over time. Scientists refer to this increased state of balance between the two sides of your brain as hemispheric synchronization, also known as brain synchronization.

As a result, your brain waves slow, your brain balances, and you increasingly use more and more of your mental output naturally. This is widely referred to as whole-brain functioning in the neuro-scientific community as I mentioned earlier.

Whole-brain thinking can quite literally help you develop...

...your own visionary potential!

Think of it as developing the ability to think in 3D while you use both sides of your brain, as opposed to using only one side of your brain at a time like most people do.

Whole-brain thinking develops in you the ability to see life through curious eyes, while increasing your self-awareness, and sky-rocketing your creative output.

Whole-brain thinking also accelerates the development of psychic awareness and intuition... super learning and memory retention... sharpness of mind and solving complex problems...

...there is no limit to your personal power!

This kind of elevated, whole-brain functioning has been associated with the greatest minds throughout history. I'd be willing to bet that the ability to function at higher states of peak performance is the "master secret" behind such great minds such as, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Bach, Picasso, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King Jr., and other visionary, highly effective individuals.

Remember the words of Michael Hutchison, from his popular book Mega Brain Power stated earlier...

"Scientists have used the new technology to monitor the brains of those meditators, artists, and other rare individuals who are able to enter peak domains at will and to map their brain activity during those peak states...

...Their first findings were that those peak states are not mysterious and unpredictable phenomena, but are very clearly linked to very specific patterns of brain activity...

...If we could learn to produce these patterns of brain activity...

...they could actually produce those same 'peak state' brain patterns in ordinary people."

Well the scientific research has been conducted... the results are in... and we now have in our possession the most powerful mind development tool available anywhere to enter the exact same peak states of performance at will and actually accelerate the peak experiences of those individuals who use it!

Are you beginning to see how exciting this is? Make no mistake about it. This level of high performance whole-brain functioning was previously only accessible to...

... .01% of the rest of humanity!

And that's if they were fortunate enough to inherit the "royal jelly" and were "born with it"!

And remember, listening to this technology while inducing ultra-rich meditation, offers some highly beneficial results for your overall spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. All kinds of limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors including fear, anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and addictions melt away - much of which have resisted change in people who have virtually tried every self-help method they could find without success!

Here's how you can develop these same amazing abilities in yourself...

So you too can take full advantage of this revolution in brainwave science, we've designed an all-inclusive program called the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System (PMGMS Level 1). The introductory level is called PMGMS Level 1 which is available on compact discs powered by our proprietary ParallaxMind audio technology, our world-class follow-up and support system (which I'll tell you more about a little later), and a vast array of informative materials describing ParallaxMind technology and how you can expect to benefit from using the program.

Here's what you can expect as you use the PMGMS Level 1...

As you listen to ParallaxMind technology each day, your nervous system is guided by precise, calibrated sound waves that pulsate in each ear. Which in turn causes the left and right hemispheres of the brain to resonate and synchronize to what is called a "binaural beat". This process is what guides you into the deeper alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states achieving ultra-rich meditation and increased mental abilities. Over time your brain adapts to this ever increasing stimulus and further develops more fluid communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. Until, your brain has had time to naturally reshape it's new neural network to adapt to the new increase in audio stimulus.

The development of this new neural network offers three positive effects:

Effect No. 1: Ultra-deep states of soothing relaxation. A very pleasing effect that you experience while meditating and a feeling that stays with you for hours. The reason being a combination of the deep meditative states you reach and the "brain wash" of neuro-chemicals released by the brain such as endorphins, dopamine etc. Neuro-chemicals like DHEA and melatonin responsible for improving your health, reversing the affects of aging, stress reduction, and more as we explored earlier.

Effect No. 2: Gaining the ability to achieve meta-states of awareness and improved super-learning states, focusing abilities, memory retention, and other important mental abilities through the development of "whole-brain functioning".

Effect No. 3: Your stress threshold increases dramatically along with profound changes in your mental and emotional well-being. Your life gains momentum as self-limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors simply dissolve away because you just won't need to trigger them anymore. Your inner-balance and peace of mind fosters utmost moments of joy--regardless of what your life may seem like right now.

nathan hangen testimonial pic

Nathan Hangen

North Carolina

...this is by far one of the best home study meditation courses on the planet...

The name sounds strange I know, but this is by far one of the best home study meditation courses on the planet. When I tried it, I expected some simple guided meditation techniques or maybe some anxiety meditations, but I didn't expect that I'd get something not only different, but better. The result is something that I've long sought after and I simply cannot sing the praises of this course highly enough, and I think you'll enjoy them tremendously. If you are looking for meditation for anxiety, stress, or simply to develop more self-awareness, then check out ParallaxMind Guided Meditations."

And we're just getting started. Like clockwork, there comes a time when your neural network finishes it's adaptation to the ParallaxMind stimulus we've been giving it. So what comes next?

Let me explain: Like clockwork (after about 120 days), your brain has made all the adjustments it needs to make to effectively respond to the powerful stimulus found in PMGMS Level 1. And now you're like the bodybuilder who's been bench pressing 200 lbs. for a few months, and must increase the amount of weight he bench presses to make even bigger gains. His body has become stronger to handle the lesser weight which is now too easy to lift.

When you reach your peak experience, you may very well be telling yourself "Awesome! This is incredible, and I want to evolve to the next level," you can elevate yourself to the second level of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, where we guide you still deeper into the beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states, and do so by creating even greater fluctuations in the brain by using...

...a deeper carrier wave.

The carrier wave is the lower of the two binaural beat tones that the entire ParallaxMind audio stimulus is carried on. The lower the carrier wave frequency - the more powerful the ParallaxMind stimulus becomes because of the increase in size of fluctuations to the brain. Think of it as waves of ocean water that grow larger and larger in size and increase in frequency as they flow onto the shore. This increase of fluctuations to the brain results in a more powerful meditation session...while accessing even deeper states of personal transformation.

This amazing phenomenon is the "answer to the riddle" in continuing the process of evolving to higher and higher levels of whole-brain functioning--while reaping the greatest reward from meditating with ParallaxMind neuro-technology.

The next deeper level of the ParallaxMind system is called PMGMS Level 2 and generally takes about 90-120 days to complete. Then, when you are ready, you would begin PMGMS Level 3 for another 3-4 months as we continue to lower the carrier wave yet again, inducing even greater positive change in the brain...

...taking you still deeper!

So on and so forth as we continue lowering the carrier wave to the deepest carrier wave obtainable with our state-of-the-art equipment. That is, if you choose to venture so far.

There are 12 levels total in ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System. Each level offering you even deeper, and profound transformations than the previous level. You can choose to participate with our system beginning with the first level PMGMS Level 1, rest-assured that there is no obligation to continue to the next level. Each level is designed to be complete in and of itself. Yet, participants who evolve with brain-entrainment technology, swear by their testimonies that meditation science is responsible for permanent life changing benefits that they just couldn't reach with other personal growth methods they've tried before. You may very well be telling yourself "Awesome! This is incredible, and I want to evolve to the next level."

Did I mention you can customize your own soundtracks?

When you choose to participate in the PMGMS Level 2, we've included yet another feature that will dramatically accelerate the progress you make in your personal growth regimen. We do this by including positive, self-dialog affirmations embedded in the soundtrack as quiet audio. These affirmations are completely undetectable by your conscious (analytical) mind- Meaning that the affirmations you want to learn will be delivered directly to your unconscious (imaginative) mind. And the best part is... get to choose these affirmations and record them in your own voice!

Do you remember what I mentioned earlier about bypassing the conscious mind while in the deeper brain wave states such as the Theta and Delta states? While in these deeper brain wave states the analytical filtering mechanisms of the left brain are "passed over" and these quiet affirmations are decoded by the inner ear and received directly by your subconscious mind.

Click to pay in one single payment of $147.00 (instant download)...

An effective life changing solution is the powerful combination of ParallaxMind™ and Autonomix™ Audio Technologies found in Levels 2-12 of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System. The process is exactly what ParallaxMind Brain Entrainment and Autonomix Quiet Affirmations are designed to do when you meditate with your own customized soundtracks each day. Now you can–tap into the deeper  Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave states and easily access your deep sub/unconscious memory, and consciously program your own mind exactly how you imagine your life to become.

The sub/unconscious mind is a literal mind that is governed by your emotions, and will literally carry out the instructions you give it. Which is why we've arranged for you to customize your own affirmations and submit them in your own speaking voice.

According to the latest research available. The current consensus is that standard "masked" subliminal affirmations aren't nearly as effective as the latest innovations in silent subliminal messaging. Which is why we've pioneered a highly effective and superior subliminal messaging system we call Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations Technology. Autonomix™ quiet self-dialog affirmations are recorded in your own voice which you submit to our labs, where we encode your voice and shift the frequencies outside the normal range of human hearing. This may seem like a useless thing to do... however it is very powerful!

Though your conscious mind doesn't detect the encoded sound, your unconscious mind does by the inner ear decoding the sound and delivering it to your subconscious through a process known as "slope detection". The result of which is decoded affirmations that are literally thousands of times more potent than standard "masked" subliminal messages alone. (Standard "masked" subliminals are really just recorded sounds placed on a soundtrack, just below your normal threshold of hearing.)

Listen to The Secret's Joe Vitale talk about the importance of using affirmations
to reprogram the limiting, uncontrollable, subconscious thoughts of your own mind...

Source: Be Inspired Channel – YouTube

Our Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations messaging system offers results
"light years beyond" any other silent subliminal messaging system anywhere!

So following the introductory level of PMGMS Level 1, each consecutive level is customized to your specifications with quiet self-dialog affirmations you choose and submit to our labs in your own speaking voice. Once you begin the program, we will send you all the information you'll need to understand how Autonomix technology works, and instructions on adding your own recorded affirmations to the customized levels of the program.

And lastly, the single most important reason why ParallaxMind audio technology is unlike any other personal growth or mind development tool out there is...

...our world-class support letters and follow-up system are designed to best serve your needs. Offering sound advice and instructional materials to help guide you through the process of accelerated evolutionary change when using ParallaxMind technology. Our support system includes:

  • Bi-weekly support letters delivered to your email as you evolve through PMGMS Level 1. These documents discuss how ParallaxMind influences the nervous system and the brain, the effects you're apt to experience on a weekly basis, and how to easily process these accelerated changes effectively.
  • Our popular self-dialog and daily reflection tool called the "Dreamweaver Personal Journal". An effective and useful journal log that we recommend using to log your circadian bio-rhythms/experiences for the first 30-days.
  • Email support available 24/7 with a special hotline telephone number available for "members only" special needs, requirements and questions.
  • Periodic scientific white papers informing you of the latest ground breaking research in neuro-technology, neuro-feedback, and related brain wave science fields.
  • Upon evolving to PMGMS Level 2, you'll also receive my tutorial "How To Process Cathartic Release And Managing Accelerated Change", exploring the subject of how accelerated change occurs as we approach peak experience and resolving emotional blocks due to catharsis. In actuality, it's important to us that you have all the tools and resources you need to make your journey of accelerated evolutionary change a positive and rewarding experience. We strive to develop a relationship with you so you can take the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge when using this incredible mind development tool. In a nutshell, we offer our resources to provide you with these two main essentials:
  • An incredibly powerful mind development, meditation, and self-improvement tool unlike anything you've ever experienced using before – a tool that dramatically accelerates your personal growth and creates permanent positive change in your life and...
  • Our expert knowledge and world-class support system helping you effortlessly make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be in as little time possible.

So by now you may be wondering, "Okay, is there a catch? What problems can I expect to face when I use this system?"

These are excellent questions. When you are serious about using our personal growth program there are some conditions you may want to consider.

Condition No. 1: Make no mistake about it, ParallaxMind audio technology will take you way beyond your wildest expectations in your personal growth regimen. It is powerful. These are not frivolous outlandish claims. ParallaxMind will align you deeply within yourself. If you feel you are ready for this, be ready to come face to face with...well, yourself. Just like when you make funny faces in a mirror, you cannot outwit your own reflection. This process takes courage. You will eventually have to face those aspects of your early life programming that you have until now...been able to avoid. That is, if you feel you are ready for this kind of personal journey.

You know better than anyone which aspects I'm talking about. These are the parts that remain off the scope of your "conscious radar". The parts incongruent with one another resulting in the self-limiting, unconscious beliefs, thoughts, actions, and behavior patterns that continue to recycle the same less than desired results in your life. We all have them. In all honesty, there will be times when you will experience periodic discomfort as these aspects of your unconscious self come to the surface.

On some level those stubborn aspects of your early life programming that you want to change will resist positive change. This is known as The Law Of Dominant Effect which states that an older more established emotional response (one that you may want to change), will dominate a newer, less established emotional response (the new change), which emphasizes the literal interpretation of how the unconscious mind reacts to conflicting emotions that are "facing off".

As it turns out, the unconscious mind encompasses the emotional part of your mind, which is why it's essential to access the deepest parts of your mind to allow the deepest levels of change to take place. This program will instill deep changes and healing on all levels of the previously inaccessible limitations and behavior patterns of your inner-self. As you overcome temporary episodes of catharsis as a result of this accelerated growth, your life will once again discover new pathways to inner-balance and inner-peace as you "say goodbye" to those stubborn aspects of your early life programming and let them go. Like a river that overflows it's banks to find new channels for the overflowing water, "your cup will overflow and provide the pathways to least resistance", allowing all those positive aspects you want to attract into your life to flow to you instead of you seeking to quench your thirst. This is the main reason why we refer to the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System as... "the lazy man's guide to enlightenment!"

And yes, we will be there to help you. Customer service is included free as you participate in the program. We offer substantial and dynamic support with our knowledgeable support team with years of experience to assist you in reducing any downtime when feeling overwhelmed (overwhelm can be virtually eliminated by following a few simple techniques). As a misnomer, we've found that the overwhelm you experience in the program is typically no different than the amount of discomfort that is already manifesting in your life around you. It's because of the in-congruent parts of your self that may be keeping from the very goals you want to attain. Why would you want to manifest the same things over and over that just aren't working?

The difference here is that -- now you'll have the resources to instill conscious, positive change and ultimately effect the outcome. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone practicing with brain entrainment technology, who would give up any of the experiences they've benefited from, and how it was definitely worth the effort.

Seriously. I'm not here to exaggerate your potential experience with periods of catharsis. Though it can happen, it's not something most people get hung up on. I just want to inform you of the possibility.

Condition No. 2: Just as you would expect to get results back from whatever effort you put into something, this program requires a certain amount of discipline to gain the best results. The pace at which you evolve through the program is directly related to the amount of time you put into it. This is entirely up to you. As you become familiar with the effects when using the system, you can design your own listening schedule for what works best. Following the program instructions to the letter will result in faster progress. However, once you experience how effortless it is to meditate at such deep levels, you'll most likely look forward to your meditation sessions with ever increasing dedication and motivation.

If you don't feel putting forth the time and effort to experience such incredible advancements in your spiritual, mental, and emotional personal growth is worth it -- than this may not be your cup of tea.

And lastly, you may be wondering... How safe is it to use the
ParallaxMind system? Are there any adverse effects?

Well if you consider tranquility of mind, elevated happiness, accelerated learning, increased self-awareness, improved emotional balance, and pleasurable euphoric sensations unsafe in anyway then please write to us and let us know. Tens of thousands of people the world over are using neuro-technology to enhance their lives and have been doing so for well over 30 years. At this point there is not even one single occurrence of adverse side effects having been reported or documented by anyone who has faithfully used brain entrainment technology and neuro-feedback.

Plus, neuro-technology is widely used by health care professionals, light and sound therapists, homeopathic practitioners, psychologists, hypnotherapists, doctors, and many other leading researchers in the fields of neuro- and biofeedback.

You can be rest-assured that the mountain of scientific research available on this subject has been very well documented and that the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System not only will dramatically improve your overall well-being safely, but is a completely natural process that our autonomic nervous system has evolved over millions of years. Quite simply, we now have and understand more of the science behind how our brains evolve, interact with the physical universe, and the tools to safely and effectively accelerate this process through the marvels of brainwave science.

So if you're poised to make that "quantum leap" into self-discovery
-- here's my risk-free offer (actually, it's better than risk-free):

When I was first exposed to this information, I was rather skeptical. Just as you may feel right now. There are many so called gurus in the personal growth field touting "pie in the sky" solutions to real-life problems that serious minded people like yourself are seeking to heal, improve, and rediscover their curiosity and zest for life. I've presented you with a lot of information here. Allow me the opportunity to demonstrate how everything I've mentioned in this letter is true, backed by real-world science, and this technology, and the support materials we've developed for it, will undeniably create a revolution of personal growth in your life.

So here's what I will do for you:

I'll send you the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System - Introductory Level 1, powered by our proprietary ParallaxMind audio technology for the special introductory price of $147.

pmgms my account downloads view graphic thumbnail

*Click to View All You Will Receive in Your Downloads Area

This price includes the two main soundtracks you'll need to get started on the first level of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System. It also includes a bulky Special Introductory Package of research-rich documents describing the science behind ParallaxMind and how it works, how accelerated evolutionary change occurs in the brain, the scientific side of ultra-deep meditation, and how to benefit the most from using this program.

You also receive:

  • Our Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations Kit for learning how to author and craft your own personally chosen affirmations, if you desire to add your own customized positive affirmations to your ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System Level 2 soundtracks.
  • Our ParallaxMind™ Meditation Posture and Sitting Videos –previously only available inside our Member Site Area included as part of the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System. Now you get these highly effective instructional videos for learning how to properly position your meditation posture.
  • Our Dreamweaver Personal Journal™, to assist in journaling your ParallaxMind guided meditation and self-development experiences, and to guide you into becoming an objective observer of your mental, emotional, and spiritual states as you evolve with your daily practice. This step is optional, but highly recommended for increasing your self-awareness over time. You can make copies of the DreamWeaver Journal at your local copy shop for a recommended 30 days of personal use.

And, we'll send you our bi-weekly support letters delivered to your download area for the first six months, explaining the effects of the program as you use it, your potential experiences, and how to easily and effortlessly process the effects of accelerated, evolutionary change with...

...the greatest ease and comfort possible!

So that you can test-drive our ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System - Level 1, we've arranged for you to pay in six easy installments of only $24.50 USD, which includes shipping.

All right, here's my "better than risk-free" offer. Just for trying PMGMS Level 1, we'll also give you 5 additional FREE ParallaxMind soundtracks:

FREE Bonuses Valued at $118.98!

  1. 1
    The "Rites Of The Sun" Emotional Catharsis Release Soundtrack plus All Documentation (a $27.00 value) -- Composed and refined over a period of 6 years. The "Rites Of The Sun" Emotional Catharsis Release CD is a bonus supplementary soundtrack that you can use when taking a break from listening to the main soundtracks found in PMGMS Level 1. This beautiful 33:00 soundtrack was crafted to induce emotional cues when in the deeper Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain wave states and was designed to assist you in releasing emotional material during temporary periods of catharsis. This timeless recording is very enjoyable and highly effective.
  2. 2
    The "Alpha Excelerator Wave Inducer" plus All Documentation (a $18.99 value) -- a soothing and pleasurable, non-evasive environmental soundscape - super-learning acceleration soundtrack. This virtually transparent soundtrack features ParallaxMind technology at the Alpha wave level that effortlessly induces super-learning absorption and memory retention while you read, study, play, or simply be creative in your personal space. Upon listening you will feel alive, awake, and rejuvenated for hours.
  3. 3
    The "Theta Transcender Wave Inducer" plus All Documentation (a $18.99 value) -- as you listen to this innovative soundtrack you will be guided into the deeper Theta realm which will inspire heightened creativity. In clinical studies, the Theta brain wave state has been found to boost the production of catecholamines which are essential for learning, memory retention, and memory recall. If there is ever a time when you are in a creative downtime, experiencing writer's block, looking for a solution to a problem etc. Simply pop in this CD, and be transported to a release state of heightened creativity, personal productivity, and super-learning... (memory retention and recall).
  4. 4
    The "Supreme Self-Confidence Elevator" plus All Documentation (a $27.00 value) -- a very powerful combined ParallaxMind meditation and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations script, for dramatically increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and self-worth. We can confidently guarantee you a 50-200% boost in your overall self-confidence, when practicing with this powerful soundtrack per the instructions for the first 90 days and beyond.
  5. 5
    The "Awakening To Compassion Gamma Meditation" plus All Documentation (a $27.00 value) -- The ParallaxMind™ Awakening To Compassion meditation is based on the research of Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior, who monitored the brainwave activity of Tibetan Buddhist Monks, in collaboration with the Dalai Lama. The monks had collectively meditated for over 50,000 hours on the Tibetan meditation and prayer of compassion and loving kindness. The Awakening To Compassion is based on this research, and is designed to develop more self love and compassion for self and others.

Sold separately these three innovative and powerfully effective ParallaxMind™ soundtracks normally sell for $27.00, $18.99, $18.99, $27.00, and $27.00 respectively from our online store, but they're included FREE, including all associated documentation as part of the introductory package when you test-drive PMGMS Level 1. Plus, you'll receive yet another beautifully crafted free ParallaxMind and Autonomix Quiet Affirmations MP3 or AAC valued at $18.99 about two weeks into the program (but I'm going to keep that one a surprise for now).

Finally, as one final measure of good faith that this program will do everything I've outlined in this letter, I'd like to take out all the risk of ordering by offering you...

...a one full year – better
than risk-free guarantee!

Test-drive the PMGMS Level 1 for up to one entire year. At anytime within this 365-day period, you aren't completely satisfied that this is the most effective personal growth program you've ever used, and that it does everything I've described here, simply return it and we'll gladly refund your payment with absolutely no questions asked.

And, just for trying PMGMS Level 1, you can still keep all the free bonus soundtracks, and any program materials and special free reports we send you (valued at $137.97).

Please allow me the opportunity to prove to you how ParallaxMind neuro-technology can positively transform your life...and the many other ways we will make your experience with us rewarding by providing you with world-class customer service, keeping you up to date with new exciting research and data, and most importantly...

...helping you reach your goals and fullest potential!

Worst Case: You'll have access to the latest in ground-breaking discoveries in brainwave science and how accelerated positive change occurs in the brain -- and you'll have an entire year to reap the many benefits meditating deeply with ParallaxMind technology can bring you on all levels.

Plus, you'll get free, when you test-drive PMGMS Level 1:

  1. 1
    $137.97 in free bonuses, and any periodic free reports and soundtracks we send you, (actually making the free bonuses worth much more)...
  2. 2
    All the program materials included with the Special Welcome Package describing how this amazing audio technology influences the brain and the deep core-level changes it creates...
  3. 3
    Your bi-weekly support letters for the first six months...
  4. 4
    The Dreamweaver Personal Journal...
  5. 5
    Our free monthly "Beta Brain" newsletter...
  6. 6
    Email support 24/7 with access to our special "member's only" hotline telephone number.

Best Case: Finally you discover a mind development tool that delivers on it's promises over other self-help approaches you've tried before -- and you'll have a really good time doing it!

And, the further you go with the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, the more profound and remarkable the positiive changes in your spiritual, mental, and emotional health will become as...

...the process of increased self-awareness and actualization
gains momentum and builds upon itself over time!

If you please, click here to test-drive PMGMS Level 1, "risk-free" for one full year...

So while you're thinking about joining me and thousands of others who've already discovered this amazing tool, remember you have nothing to lose and...

...a world of self-discovery to gain!

To summarize, allow me to recap what you can expect by participating in our ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System Introductory Level 1...

  • An ultra-deep and enriched meditation experience by simply pressing a button
  • Instant stress-relief and relaxation
  • Increased creativity and creative output
  • The resolution of deep-core unresolved emotional issues
  • Letting go of self-limiting actions and behaviors
  • Increased inner-balance and self-confidence
  • Increased motivation, joy, and fluidity of life
  • Refreshing, deep restful sleep requiring less time
  • The safe and natural creation of new neural pathways in the brain
  • Turning back the clock on aging through the production and release of pleasurable neurochemicals and improved overall health
  • Increased body awareness and physical health
  • Enhanced learning abilities, mental focus, memory retention and recall

And, as I mentioned earlier, if you aren't completely satisfied with the results you get, return it to us within one full year and get your entire payment back!

Choose to make the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System your main source for increased happiness and accelerated personal growth. Your search ends here.

I sincerely look forward to welcoming you into the program.

With kind regards,

Lewi Glenis, Creative Director

Solexus Health Systems

P.S.: Remember, you get $284.97 worth of materials for only $147. Plus, you get one full year to test-drive the program, entirely at our risk. If you're not completely over-joyed by the results, simply return it to us and we'll refund your entire payment. And, you get to keep all the free bonuses just for giving us a try.

And, we've made it extremely easy for you to take full advantage of this limited-time offer by paying in four easy payments of $36.75 USD, (price includes shipping).

To order PMGMS Level 1, select from one of the following payment options:

Option 1: Click to pay in one single payment of $147.00 (instant download)...

Option 2: Click to pay in 6 easy payments of $24.50 with 0% – you can, select PayPal Credit at checkout
(instant download)...

Act now... this offer can change at anytime, select from one of the above order options to get started right away, or email us here with any questions. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. And remember, "all the risk" is on us -- you can only benefit.

What Others Are Saying About the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System...

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Summer Yolanta Bodnar

Ontario, Canada

9 days straight of meditation.......yippee!

Light Greetings! I want to let you know that I have tried all kinds of meditation techniques throughout my life, (I'm 51), at least 25 years worth and have Never been able to meditate without falling asleep, or giving up from boredom and frustration! I was completely blown away with the PMGMS system! After numerous starts and stops, (because of holidays and other excuses), I finally succeeded. 9 days straight of meditation.......yippee! I am significantly calmer and much more focused, plus all those little annoyances don't bother me any more. I am so excited about this that I bought a system for my daughters....thank you so much for an incredible program. There are so many products out there with minimal results. The PMGMS really delivers and I highly recommend it for everyone! Namaste, Summer"

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Ted Helinski

Wisconsin, USA

I hope my words inspire others to use the PMGMS...

Hi Lewi, well I guess as they say, you've made me an offer I can't refuse. I had my first session with the new "Helinski Files" and I love it!!! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into making this such a great product. I am already looking forward to my next use of the soundtracks. Feel free to use my words for a testimonial. I hope they inspire others to use the PMGMS program. Thanks again for your generous offer Lewi. Blessings, Ted"

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Chris Honley

Sittingbourne, Kent - UK

...excellent meditation products...

Lewi, you are a provider of excellent meditation products."

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Lauree White

New Zealand

To say I am impressed is an understatement...

Thank you! To say I am impressed is an understatement. I am familiar with brainwave entrainment, and use it. Nonetheless, you appear to have taken the art form to a new level. After reading through all the PDF's and instruction sheets, I am even more impressed."

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Susan Smith

Manassas, VA

I felt an immense peace wash through me and hold me in its embrace...

Dear Lewi, I am thanking God every day for you and the genius that has been given to you to produce these incredible soundtracks. As you know I am faithfully listening to 'Twilight Wind', 'Twilight Stream’, ‘Rites Of The Sun', and others from time to time also. But I have now added 'Awakening to Compassion'.

My first experience of it was surreal. I was in a recliner on my back deck which fortunately for me looks out into a lovely and serene stand of trees, very green and with many little sounds of frogs and crickets and birds and the wind soughing through the leaves. Very restful. When my eyes fluttered open I saw the trees as if in a Monet painting and they seemed to be swaying, though it is very still today. I realized my brain was in an altered state and it was euphoric. I felt an immense peace wash through me and hold me in its embrace. I felt deeply relaxed which if you knew me you would realize is not my normal state. Thank you so much. I will listen to this a couple of times a week per your counsel."

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Tony Barkauskas

Denver, CO USA inner being responded with a feeling of Peace and Joy...

I reviewed an email message related to the ParallaxMind method sent by Lewi during June of 2009. At first blush, it seemed like many announcements that come via email. However, as I pondered the message something was different and I kept getting a feeling that this was different and that I should try it, with the thought that "nothing happens by accident".

As I began to use the ParallaxMind audio material, I began to experience many of the changes as outlined in the written support materials associated with the ParallaxMind downloaded audios. My inner being responded with a feeling of Peace and Joy.

Working with Lewi is a sheer delight as he is totally responsive, always on a timely basis, and always has various comments and suggestions pertinent to the questions and situation at hand. I look forward to working with Lewi and the ParallaxMind meditations in the future."

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Yvonne Ross


My heart jumped with joy today...

Dear Lewi,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your program and for the added material that is still coming to me.

I am so grateful.

My heart jumped with joy today (literally) when I discovered Realign Energy Fields added to my content.

I felt excited just reading about it and also doing your suggested 30 sec. exercise.

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much your program means to me and my personal and spiritual growth, and how much I appreciate what you have done.

I wish you well in your health and in all other areas of your life."

With much gratitude,
God Bless : )

dr jyotika chhibber testimonial pic

Dr. Jyotika Chhibber

Maharashtra, India

I can physically feel ripples expanding around my heart...

Hi Lewi! I am listening to the soundtracks – amazing... Thank you so much. The timing is always so DIVINE! I need them so much at this phase in life and you sent them. Thank you!!! In fact I am finding myself incapacitated to express my joy and gratitude. Each one is so special and magical. I find such a beautiful amalgam of Hindustani Classical and Western Classical music. I can physically feel ripples expanding around my heart and throat chakra while listening to 'Awakening To Compassion'...

...even third eye and crown chakras – such heavy waves tingling all over. I am feeling so calm and going back to a peaceful sleep now. Namaste!

john s gould testominal pic

John S. Gould

Tucson, AZ USA

I found your guided meditations to be very beneficial...

making the transition from coaching professional hockey, to pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of Arizona, I found your guided meditations to be very beneficial for coping with daily stresses and making the change flow a lot easier.

Knowing the importance of how neurological thought processes can shape our outer world, I find that your ParallaxMind soundtracks help me stay very focused in college, and remain balanced in social situations, both professional and private.

I would like to thank you for developing ParallaxMind audio, and for giving me some powerful tools to be more effective in my work, school, and to function at a higher state of mind."

Former U.S. Marine
USA Certified Hockey Coach - Level 4

ParallaxMind Members Avatar

Mahnaz Khan

London, England

Within 2 days I was able to sleep without taking any tablets...

Hello Lewi,

I hope you are keeping well and motivated.

Just wanted to give you some feedback as well as pose some questions as I am now on day 14 ( plus 2 days off ) of the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System.

Within 2 days I was able to sleep without taking any tablets. I had been taking sleep aids for the last 18 years ( over the counter, diazepam and valerian root ). I’m getting deep, refreshing and mostly uninterrupted sleep every night now – thank you.

Within 4 days - increase in libido and being able to handle stress a little better. Increased energy, motivation and feeling a little more positive about things.

I'm noticing that I seem to be increasing muscle mass quicker than in the past.

I guess it will take longer for the weight loss to happen ( I run, do yoga plus Qi gong ), but I feel certain it will happen as mine is down to stress and stress induced hormonal imbalance, and these are early days.

Wishing you blessings and abundance, Mahnaz

Update from Mahnaz 12-02-10...

Hello Lewi,

Many thanks for your comprehensive and very informative response. I found it really fascinating and am already becoming excited about the many levels of ParallaxMind meditations.

I'm really pleased that I can do the meditations whilst on the move as it enables me to be consistent and also make better use of time. Thanks also for the link on coherence, it broadened my understanding. I liked what you said about 'feeling promptings from God to make changes', as this is how I observe life and its experiences including setbacks.

I'm feeling better in that respect because I'm beginning to be able to pause before I react / respond to things...whereas previously I would rush ahead of myself. In addition, since starting the ParallaxMind meditation I feel more compassionate.

There are days when I feel anger which comes out of nowhere and I know that this is similar to detoxing.

Please feel free to use my feedback as a testimonial and to this end, I will keep you updated on new observations.

I would greatly appreciate the report on how Autonomix Quiet Affirmations works and thank you in advance for it.

Be blessed, be safe Lewi.

Update from Mahnaz 12-13-10...

Hello Lewi,

Thank you for your reply and specifically for sharing with me your insights. I found it really interesting. I believe your prayers are working because on Friday / Saturday, my mind came around to thinking what you have just shared with me – and that was without even seeing your e-mail.

I will follow your fantastic advice and it really is that. All my life, I've had thoughts and ideas, revelations / insights...but could never put it into words--and you have just done that.

It’s a strange but nice feeling that you know what Im going through and also that you are able to guide me through it. Thank you for your prayers Lewi – I hope they go up to Heaven and shower down upon you in the form of blessings. I will be in touch, this is an interesting journey."

tiffany tee ballard testimonial pic

Tiffany Tee Ballard

San Diego, CA

I've been fortunate enough to know Lewi Glenis for quite some time now. When he first told me about the ParallaxMind™ Brain-Entrainment System, I was naturally intrigued and I immediately wanted to learn more about what it entailed of.
I have always been a facilitator of anything that has to do with self-improvement and I've spent half my life practicing countless techniques in the areas of affirmations, subliminal programming, binaural beats, self hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and the area of anything having to do with NLP. After being introduced to the dedicated ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, and using it over a period of time I am blown away and have never experienced anything quite like it.

This system literally allows you to improve any area of your life, overcome any obstacle you are facing and become more aware of your higher conscious self in general. I have been successful over the last 15 years at incorporating other self development enhancers into my life, but ParallaxMind has worked the most efficiently and effectively over just a short period of time.

No other system has provided me with such peace and serenity while helping me effortlessly achieve my goals, and participate in my passions with ease and clarity like this. I absolutely love the fact that it is customizable and tailored to my personal wants and needs while being so easy to use anytime I choose. By customization, I mean that you can add your own personally chosen, and authored positive affirmations, that Lewi and his team then add to your ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System soundtracks.

You can tell an immense amount of time, blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of this program. I have come to the conclusion that Lewi Glenis is a creative genius for being able to put together something this intricate. He has an extraordinary ability to explain complex topics in simple understandable terms, while maintaining an organic connection between both the logical and creative characteristics of the human mind, and the more intuitive aspects of the human heart, his extensive research, knowledge and 30+ years of orchestrating this system into one platform is something I find priceless and nothing short of revolutionary.

This has only been the beginning for me and I can't wait to see who I can evolve into after utilizing ParallaxMind for years to come. This system allows anyone to train your brain and mind like an Olympic champion and I am very grateful that I was introduced to living completely in the present while waking up to the illusions of time. One of the biggest benefits I have experienced (and my favorite so far) is a very deep, real, open and increased connection to spirit in my own intimate way.

If you are wanting to become a more highly evolved independent and creative thinker, innovator, and motivator to evolve your self and help others as you tap into the infinite reservoir of universal creative intelligence I highly recommend you incorporate ParallaxMind meditations into your mindfulness, and personal development routine. You can truly learn what enlightenment really is and awaken to the endless potential that is already inside you! The most important step is increasing your self-awareness and I believe ParallaxMind audio technology is one such powerful solution."

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