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​Learn how the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System works, discover frequently asked questions from PMMM participants, and how ParallaxMind™ Audio Technology found at the core of the majority of our self-development modules, can greatly enhance your guided meditation experiences, overall well-being, and accelerate your personal growth.

1) What is ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly (PMMM)?

2) What is ParallaxMind™ Audio Technology and how does it work?

3) Who is Lewi Glenis?

4) Do I understand ParallaxMind audio virtually "does" the meditation for me?

5) I've used numerous other personal growth programs, and I didn't really notice any lasting changes. Will ParallaxMind™ really do what you say it does? How can I know for sure?

6) I'm on a limited budget, and need to be mindful of how much I spend. Will my PMMM membership deliver on the value you promise?

7) What makes ParallaxMind different than Holosync®, Hemi-Sync®, BrainEV, Brainwave Symphony by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and the many other brain-entrainment, meditation programs out there?

8) Just how safe is this technology? How safe is it to use the ParallaxMind modules? Are there any adverse effects?

9) Did you create ParallaxMind technology for the PMMM meditations and self-development libraries yourself Lewi?

10) Is the PMMM Member Content actual software I download online, or can I get it through the mail on CDs?

11) Why is it important to use stereo headphones with my ParallaxMind soundtracks?

12) Since I will be listening to my ParallaxMind soundtracks almost everyday, how can I reduce listening fatigue to protect and preserve my hearing?

13) What kind of CD/MP3 player should I use?

14) How often can I listen to my ParallaxMind soundtracks? Can I listen to more than one session per day, and will this accelerate the effects of ParallaxMind audio technology even more?

15) How long until I will experience noticeable results from using the PMGMS meditation system and ParallaxMind supplemental libraries?

16) Why is it important to complete the Dreamweaver Personal Journal for the first thirty days?

17) How often can I take a break from listening to my ParallaxMind PMGMS or supplemental soundtracks?

18) If I experience periods of catharsis, what can I do to better process any emotional change?

19) When is the best time of day to listen to my ParallaxMind PMGMS and supplemental soundtracks?

20) Can I use the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System and supplemental soundtracks along with my other personal growth tools and self-help programs?

21) Is ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly associated with any religious organizations?

22) Do you offer a guarantee and refund for the PMMM Membership and ParallaxMind™ Audio Store products?

Mahnaz Khan London, England

Within 2 days I was able to sleep without taking any tablets...

​Hello Lewi, I hope you are keeping well and motivated.

Just wanted to give you some feedback as well as pose some questions as I am now on day 14 ( plus 2 days off ) of the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System.

Within 2 days I was able to sleep without taking any tablets. I had been taking sleep aids for the last 18 years ( over the counter, diazepam and valerian root ). I’m getting deep, refreshing and mostly uninterrupted sleep every night now – thank you.

Within 4 days - increase in libido and being able to handle stress a little better. Increased energy, motivation and feeling a little more positive about things.

I'm noticing that I seem to be increasing muscle mass quicker than in the past. I guess it will take longer for the weight loss to happen ( I run, do yoga plus Qi gong ), but I feel certain it will happen as mine is down to stress and stress induced hormonal imbalance, and these are early days.

Wishing you blessings and abundance, Mahnaz

Update from Mahnaz 12-02-10...

Hello Lewi,

Many thanks for your comprehensive and very informative response. I found it really fascinating and am already becoming excited about the many levels of ParallaxMind meditations.

I'm really pleased that I can do the meditations whilst on the move as it enables me to be consistent and also make better use of time. Thanks also for the link on coherence, it broadened my understanding. I liked what you said about 'feeling promptings from God to make changes', as this is how I observe life and its experiences including setbacks.

I'm feeling better in that respect because I'm beginning to be able to pause before I react / respond to things...whereas previously I would rush ahead of myself. In addition, since starting the ParallaxMind GMS meditation I feel more compassionate.

There are days when I feel anger which comes out of nowhere and I know that this is similar to detoxing.

Please feel free to use my feedback as a testimonial and to this end, I will keep you updated on new observations.

I would greatly appreciate the report on how Autonomix Quiet Affirmations works and thank you in advance for it.

Be blessed, be safe Lewi.

Update from Mahnaz 12-13-10...

Hello Lewi,

Thank you for your reply and specifically for sharing with me your insights. I found it really interesting. I believe your prayers are working because on Friday / Saturday, my mind came around to thinking what you have just shared with me – and that was without even seeing your e-mail.

I will follow your fantastic advice and it really is that. All my life, I've had thoughts and ideas, revelations / insights...but could never put it into words–and you have just done that.

It's a strange but nice feeling that you know what Im going through and also that you are able to guide me through it. Thank you for your prayers Lewi – I hope they go up to Heaven and shower down upon you in the form of blessings. I will be in touch, this is an interesting journey. – Mahnaz

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