parallaxmind members monthly creative director lewi glenis

Lewi Glenis CHt, NLp is the creator of the ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment, ParaChrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies. He is also creative director at ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly Membership, Audio Store, and Structured Personal Development Blog which allows members and personal growth seekers to embark on an unprecedented journey of self-discovery using a complete and structured personal development plan. His approach to advanced personal growth includes highly effective brain-entrainment meditations, powerful self-development scripts and affirmations, visual art therapy, and harmonic energy healing using sound and music therapy. This powerful combination of personal growth and healing modalities offers the user ongoing lifetime value for attaining ever-increasing levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Lewi has an extraordinary ability to explain complex topics in simple understandable terms, while maintaining an organic connection between both the logical and creative characteristics of the human mind, and the more intuitive aspects of the human heart. He refers to this balance and integral connection “the heart of consciousness”, and refers to it often in his work.

In addition to his understanding of the human heart, brain, and mind, Lewi is a world class composer, audio engineer of 34+ years having trained with Chris Bellman of Bernie Grundman Audio Mastering in Los Angeles, CA, neuroscience researcher, author, and expert personal growth teacher with education in bio- and neuro-feedback, musicology, hearing sound and speech pathology having studied with Mary C. Nichols PhD at Illinois State University in Bloomington, IL, and professionally trained with clinical experience in hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming with renown master NLP Life Coach Richard Corvino M.A. at the Wesland Institute in Tucson, AZ.

Lewi is also a Certified Internet Marketing and Web Development expert, having received ten Certifications with Digital Marketer in Content Marketing, Analytics and Data, Optimization and Testing, eCommerce Marketing, Paid and Organic Search, Social and Community Marketing, and Email and Sales Funnel Marketing. His diverse background and understanding in Internet Development and the end user experience, has allowed him to offer his website visitors, and ParallaxMind Members an unprecedented streamlined experience with all of our web properties for delivering world class products, streamlined content quality control, and customer service.


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