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parallaxmind members monthly creative director lewi glenisParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats, Parachrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies are developed by neuro-researcher, music therapist, and bio-acoustical sound engineer Lewi Glenis.

Lewi Glenis CHt, NLp, CIw is the creator of the ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment, ParaChrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies found at the heart of your ParallaxMind Member’s content. He is also creative director at ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly, and Structured Personal Development Blog which allows members and personal growth seekers to embark on an unprecedented journey of self-discovery using complete and structured personal development plans, articles, and courses.

His approach to advanced personal growth includes time tested philosophy, psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, highly effective brain-entrainment meditations, powerful self-development inner self-dialog scripts and affirmations, visual art therapy, and harmonic energy healing using acoustical sound, and musicology therapies. This powerful combination of personal growth and healing modalities offers the user ongoing lifetime value for attaining ever-increasing levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Lewi has an extraordinary ability to explain complex topics in simple understandable terms, while maintaining an organic connection between both the logical and creative characteristics of the human brain/mind, and the more intuitive aspects of the human heart. He refers to this balance and integral connection between the heart and mind “the heart of consciousness”, citing it often in his work.

Lewi is a world class composer and audio engineer of 35+ years having trained with Chris Bellman of Bernie Grundman Audio Mastering in Los Angeles, CA, neuroscience researcher, author, neuro-linguistic practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and expert personal growth teacher with collegiate education in bio- and neuro-feedback, musicology, hearing sound and speech pathology. Lewi studied musicology and music therapy with Mary C. Nichols PhD at Illinois State University in Bloomington, IL, and professionally trained with renown master NLP Life Coach Richard Corvino M.A. at the Wesland Institute in Tucson, AZ.

What Is ParallaxMind™ Audio Technology And How Does It Work?

Answer: Essentially, how our proprietary ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment Audio Technology works, is by gently guiding the listener into the deeper brain wave states–while stimulating the nervous system in a very specific way–to entrain the brain and nervous system–synchronizing the two sides of the brain and pushing the brain to evolve to ever-increasing levels of peak performance. An analogy would be to consider how a body builder pushes their body’s muscles to grow bigger, and become stronger with progressive resistance training over time.

Gentle, celestial soundscapes infuse with ParallaxMind™ to deeply center you within, to the source of your very being bringing you face to face with your true self. You benefit from a deep, prolonged meditative state as the musical soundscapes of our ParallaxMind Audio Libraries carry you to supra levels of self-awareness. Use ParallaxMind for increasing self-awareness combined with musical therapy and self-discovery, for ultra-deep, highly effective meditation, self-development, self-hypnosis, and energy sound healing.

The results of entraining the brain with ParallaxMind neuro-technology, delivered with precisely calibrated audio tones input into each ear with stereo headphones, creates a third transcendent pulse wave, in turn creating new nerve connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Which in turn, produces more fluid interaction and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain resulting in what is called hemispheric synchronization, or brain synchronization by the neuro-science community. The pulsating waves generated in the brain is not an literal sound, but rather electrical signals that are interpreted from within the brain itself by both side s of the brain responding to the electrical stimulus harmonizing together.This supra natural phenomenon allows you to tap into, and use more of what researchers call our “whole-brain functioning” capacity.​

You can think of using more of your whole brain functioning as developing the ability to think and visualize in “3D”, with greater perception, awareness, problem solving skills, and ambidexterity, instead of using one more dominant side of your brain, like the majority of human beings do. How one uses one side of the brain, whether balanced or unbalanced in relation to the other side of the brain, and how this relation manifests in the mind and body is called “brain-lateralization”.​

The trademarked process has been perfected over the past 18 years of research and development. Progressing exploration, member feedback, focus groups and clinical trials are performed at Solexus Health Systems to reveal the interrelation between personal testimonies and measured by electroencephalographic (EEG) mind map imaging, in controlled laboratory conditions.

ParallaxMind™ Binaural Beats, Parachrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies are based on exacting science and mathematical algorithms to achieve highly advanced, and ultra-precise brainwave state frequencies and entrainment patterns. We do this by using the latest state-of-the-art data in neuro-science and professional audio recording technologies and software available. It is this combination of highly sought after trade secrets that make ParllaxMind™ audio entrainment so unique and effective.

ParallaxMind neurotechnology is widely used by health care professionals, light and sound therapists, homeopathic practitioners, psychologists, hypnotherapists, doctors, and many other leading researchers in the fields of neuro- and biofeedback.

This participation is essential in categorizing the effectiveness of precise ParallaxMind brainwave frequency patterns on human mind development and the expansion of consciousness. For years, these successes have produced a plethora of breakthrough products for laser targeted applications such as guided meditation, increasing focus and concentration, stress relief, pain reduction, sleep regulation, boosting energy, correcting brain-lateralization, and increasing the production of catecholamines in the brain and sympathetic nervous system which are essential for learning, memory retention, and memory recall just to name a few.

ParallaxMind is being used by well over 27,000 people in 57 countries throughout the world and their personal stories tell the rest. You can learn more about their personal experiences by clicking here.

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